Unable to 'xx'-network speed insufficient

  • 4 March 2017
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My sonos is basically broken and has been for a number of months. I have a Boost with Play 5 and two Play 3's connected. I have a good reliable internet connection, 30MB can stream netflix from MacBook no problem. When I try and play Apple Music from Sonos app on my iPad, it hangs for about 3 seconds, then plays for about 5 seconds, then gives a message 'Unable to play xxx-network speed insufficient'.

I can't control the channel of my router (don't have admin password), but have tried changing between channels 1,6 & 11 on Sonos app on iPad, but it makes no difference. Any ideas what I can try to do?

Very frustrating.

Any advice appreciated.


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6 replies

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Any advice appreciated.
My advice would be to submit a diagnostic and wait for a Sonos rep to get back to you after you've posted the number here.
I've tried a few more things:

1) Moving the Boost across the room from my router with a long ethernet cable
2) Wireless on channel 11 and Boost on channel 1
3) Running on Wireless network without the Boost

Sadly, none of these have made any difference. Waiting to hear from Sonos after submitting my diagnostics., fingers crossed.
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Don't forget to post the number here.
Diagnostic Number: 7158846 🙂
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There's still a lot of wireless interference there, even with the channel changes. Is there anything nearby the BOOST that could be causing interference that you see? Perhaps a baby monitor or a cordless telephone?

Are any of those players in a position where they could be wired to the network? If so, go ahead and try that out and see if it plays better in that room and across the whole system.