Unable to update, submit diagnostics or add music to queue (play anything)

My four Sonos Ones decided to stop working right around when the latest updates came out. My app controller keeps telling me to update, but returns a 1101 error when I try to do so. I've rebooted the whole system several times, cannot update, and also cannot submit diagnostics.

I can however use the Line-in to play from my record table and group players together/see all of the speakers in the app, as well as airplay music from Spotify to the players, so they must be online and connected to my wifi.

Any help is much appreciated - this is super frustrating that I can't submit diagnostics or play any music.

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Un-install the sonos app from your controller, then re-add it from the app store, that way you will have the latest v9.3
You can then check in the sonos controller app if all your players are on v9.3 as well.
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Hi, e twersk. Can you please reboot your Sonos device(s), then your router, then attempt to https:// once again and respond with the confirmation number? Many thanks in advance.

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