Unable to update error 9

Play 3. Receiving error 9 when downreving from 7 to 6.5. Left beta, reinstalled app, search for updates, downloading ( quick blip) , restarting, error code 9

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Well, I guess the fact that you complained about not being able to download the Android app because you had no email, then amazingly you found the download page all by your lonesome after I specifically linked to it was just a coincidence? Uhh, OK. But hey, I tried to help you, all you've done back is spill invective and personal attacks. As I said, I'm sorry I was harsh in my first post, but you were posting like a madman. Since you have miraculously found your way back to a working system, with out any help from me whatsoever (even though your posted fix was almost identical to the instructions I posted previously), why don't we both drop this nonsense. I think our little tiff has hijacked this thread for too long.

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I definitely had email registered at Sonos for my system. I was complaining that having joined the beta, I received no email after starting my Android app, which said I would get an email, explaining how to get the beta software. I verified I could repeat not getting such an email, and officially reported the problem to Sonos which they are looking into. I was already aware of the beta page as that is how I left the beta program, and having left, of course did not want the beta software anymore. Unfortunately I could no longer update my system or add new speakers due to the beta bug, so as a software engineer that tried many ways to get my system back, rejoining the beta was the obvious solution, at which point I did download the beta software for the Android. I needed a workable system for my event last night. Hence the urgency. I am now working with Sonos to leave the beta since it is not possible on my own with this beta due to the bug. I am under no obligation to you for enlightening me or working miracles whatsoever. I posted what worked for me to keep my system running having stepped into this whole mess. I saw no posts to say to rejoin the beta to get a system working again, and that would not have been my first choice anyway, since it was not my goal, which was to leave the beta, not join it. I totally agree to not converse with you any more...
Nope, no posts which told you to rejoin the beta and download the Android app from the Downloads section at all (from Page 7):

I don't disagree with you. Support and the beta team dropped the ball. But screaming about it like a petulant child is not only useless, it's counter productive. Besides, as an Android user you are in a better place than iOS users. Go here:

Login. Join the beta, and upgrade. Instead of looking for the email, use your phone browser to go to the link above and from the Downloads tab, download the Android app. Install, and you are all set with the beta.

And you don't have to like me, I don't do this for popularity. I guess it's good for you I try to help everyone, even the abusive ones.

And gee whiz, you even replied to it, quoting this exact post! I guess you must have quoted it without seeing it? :D
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Just because you suggested what I finally did, when trying every which way to restore my system after leaving the beta did not work, and decided I had to rejoin, which was already my last resort, does not mean I needed or used your suggestion. Maybe you should have actually read my reply to that post you please, please bugger off...
Yeah, OK. We will accept that, just like you never saw the post in the first place, right? :D

And your reply petulantly stated you didn't want my help. You then proceeded to do exactly as I suggested, even miraculously finding and downloading a copy of the Android app without using the email, the very "bug" you were complaining about in the first place, and what caused you to leave the beta. But it wasn't with my help, not at all . . . :D

My God man, are you listening to yourself?
😃 😃 😛
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I think everyone watching this thread can agree that we're all done with the fight. Let's end it here. For the sake of people looking for their answers, we'll clean this up a bit.

Glad you're working with the team to get the update resolved, Mushroomhunter. Let me know if you have any trouble, feel free to PM me.


It's been said a number of times here already, but just so everyone knows, to resolve the Error 9 update issue you'll need to work with a technician live. It doesn't take long, but it requires updating your system twice.

The issue is caused by players not wanting to go from new software (the beta release version) to the old software (the current 6.4 release). The beta is getting very close to wrapping up too, I can't let you know the official release date, but it won't be too long. If you rejoin the beta and your system will be fine, though if you're leaving beta for a specific reason, such as needing an iOS controller, this isn't a good solution for you.

If you need a hand, we recommend give us a call on our support line because you'll need a technician working at the same time as you are. It isn't a very clean solution to take care of over the community. You're welcome to private message one of us on the team too, but if you don't hear from us in an hour or two, we're not likely online and it'd be best to call in.
17 days since first post and we are still waiting for a patch from support. It is not serious ! That was my first and last sonos equipment !!!
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17 days since first post and we are still waiting for a patch from support. It is not serious ! That was my first and last sonos equipment !!!

I can help you get your system off of the beta. Please check your inbox for a message with some instructions.
I am also having trouble updating after leaving the beta program, Any help is appreciated..
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I am also having trouble updating after leaving the beta program, Any help is appreciated..

Hi Rob,

I'll send you a direct message with instructions which should help.
Hi Jeff S - I'm also having error code 9 message - can you help ?
I'm also trying to add a new play 1 that i purchased today, it will not connect, any help would be appreciated
so -- just sat on the phone listening to hold music for over an hour and never reached anyone 😞 -- bummer..
Same issue here. Getting error code 9 when trying to update. Please help!
Hi Guys,

I also have problems downgrading. Can you give me some support with this so I can downgrade my iOS controller app while you guys wrap up the beta?

Much appreciated!
Hi Jeff S, could you send me a direct message as well to solve the Error 9 problem? Thanks
I see I am not the only one with the error 9. Can someone point me in the right direction to correct this problem?
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I see I am not the only one with the error 9. Can someone point me in the right direction to correct this problem?

Your best bet is to phone. Some people are doing via PM but the official advise is to phone

Or wait until Beta is finished. Shouldn't be too long unlike the wait on the phone which may be several hours
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Hi everyone,

The beta has now gone live so you should be able to update normally. You may need to go to follow these steps to leave the beta.. Please send me a direct message if you continue to have any troubles.