Unable to seek/play books from Audiobooks.com beyond certain point

  • 16 March 2017
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(I don't know the exact terminology so I'll define a few terms here for clarity: seek=skipping forward/backward using either the fast forward/rewind buttons or 'dragging' the progress bar; resume=toggling play again after pausing without having switched media; play=beginning playback of the media for the first time or after switching from another source)

I initially experienced this with an audiobook ~55hrs in length. The first 18 hours is fine; I can seek, resume, or play at any point within the first 18 hours. Everything works as expected. Beyond that 18:00* mark, however, the book will not seek or play successfully. It is only possible to experience any timeframe beyond the 18:00 point by continuing playback continuously, only interrupting by toggling pause/resume which work fine. In short, the problem is caused by any action which "skips" playback to any point beyond the problem time, including rewinding, fast-forwarding, seeking, playing on another device then attempting to continue play on Sonos at a point after 18:00, etc. What it does, specifically, is this: [Press play button]->button icon switches to pause, progress bar seeks to current point (eg. 18:15), brief delay, then progress bar returns to 0:00 and button icon switches back to play (ie. inactive).

The problem has been isolated to the Sonos system by playing the book successfully on the Audiobooks.com app and website, where everything works as expected. Then downloading a new audiobook, 32 hours in length, where the problem time was identified at approximately 13:30 (ie. all behaviour is exactly the same, yet this time the problem time is ~13:30 rather than ~18:00). Interestingly, a shorter free audiobook I downloaded works perfectly fine for its entire 15:45 duration. The Sonos error behaviour is identical on the Sonos Controller For PC, Android app, and iOS app, and happens consistently without exception.

*For what it's worth, the problem times are not exactly 18:00 and 13:30, more like 18:06 and 13:29 for example.

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1 reply

Happy to report that the update today has fixed this problem!
Looking forward to Audible support.