Unable to play.... the connection to Spotify was lost

  • 24 February 2017
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This has been happening regularly over the past month. I can play music stored on my iPad, can access Radio by Tunein but cannot get access to Spotify....very frustrating. can you help. I have tried everything I can on this side, powered off the various units, but to no avail. I have submitted a diagnostics ( even though it says don't unless you are instructed to by a sonos support team member) number is 7135487. I also note there is no phone support over the weekend ?? why ? this is when most people have time to correct these items, but sales is available ?? Appreciate your help ASAP

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Hope this helpful, but I am also getting intermittent error coded 1002 when trying to play music that is found but upon clicking to play receive the 1002 code, thanks

Hi GerryOS,

There are some network communication errors showing up. How are your Sonos units connected to your network? Are they wired into a switch or directly into your router?

It may help to reboot your router, Sonos units and any other network hardware you have connected. This may clear up the network errors and help with Spotify playback and the 1002 timeout errors.
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62 replies

We have an Orbi System along with Fiber so bandwidth should not be an issue. Pandora works just fine but Spotify has had issues for weeks.

Same problem with Apple Music and Pandora. The system has been unusable for MONTHS.

... very frustrating. Music cuts in and out. Repeated “can’t communicate with controller” errors. Over 100 hours of troubleshooting invested (invluding a helpful effort by Derek), but still no progress in getting $20,000 of Sonos equipment to begin to function. Marissa now indicates Derek is “out of the office” for the next several weeks.

Working with Derek we completed extensive troubleshooting and re-configuration to no avail, including:

- verified >1GB/sec Internet download and >200 MB/Sec Internet upload speeds;
- verified no network or WiFi system errors on commercial grade network;
- reviewed network settings for possible Sonos compatibility issues;
- verified 300-500MB/sec consistent Internet download throughput and less than 16ms of Internet latency throughout WiFi network;
- set all 2G WiFi radios to channel 11;
- set all Sonos to channel 6;
- purchased, installed, upgraded and connected 3 Sonos Boost units;
- factory reset 20+ Sonos devices;
- verified latest firmware and software on all devices;
- reinstalled each Sonos device.

Disconnections, instability, “can’t connect with controller” errors, continue on both hard-wired MAC controller and iPhone controllers.

Controller resets seem to temporarily fix the problem for up to two or three hours before the system begins to hang and disconnect. ... very frustrating.

Latest Diagnostic # 889689848
After a frustrating weekend of this situation, my fix was achieved through going into sonos settings>advanced settings>wireless settings and connecting the sonos one via Ethernet cable to my router.

Closed The sonos app and reopened searching for the network, it prompted for the wireless password, and connected straight away.

I then disconnected the Ethernet cable.

Opened the Spotify app and it prompted as locating the sonos one, pressed play on device and it started playing again straight away.

Hope that helps!
See my other reply!
I am having the same issue - I sent diagnostics - 1745190855 . I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Same thing is happening to me. 630773114
same issue here, case #299640940 please help!
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Hi there, Simon_85. Thanks for posting and sharing your diagnostic report. I was unable to locate a case or support ticket on our end under the email address you have registered on the Community. While I recommend giving our technicians a call when you have the opportunity to do so, we can try a few things here.

Based on the diagnostic report you submitted, it seems that the Bridge is having a hard time with communicating with the rest of Sonos. Out of curiosity, if you were to remove the Bridge from the equation completely and switch it out with the Office Play:5, do the problems continue? This will help us to determine if the problem is the Bridge that feeds the rest of Sonos.

Thanks again!
I am still getting the same errors. Today I have shut everything down and restarted in turn. I have removed my Spotify account and re-added it. I’ve contacted you to try and solve it but still I am not winning. It is so frustrating. Radio works. Line in works but Spotify and my own music is constant drop outs
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Hi there, Godfried. Thanks for posting and for all the troubleshooting effort. I was able to pull up your correspondence with our team and would recommend continuing to work with them. Alternatively, you could also give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time instead of over email. They can get a closer look at Spotify connectivity through a remote session.
Same problem. Songs don't start or stop playing after a while. I had several contacts with Sonos helpdesk, but the problem was not solved. I have 2 Sonos Connect devices. What did I do?

- changed modem and bought Netgear Orbi router. I have over 200Mbps now over wifi (wired 300Mbps)
- changed to Google Public DNS
- adding sonos bridge
- removing it again
- wired one of the devices and wired both (and changing that again)
- disconnected Spotify from Sonos and reconnected
- put my Sonos back to factory settings and started all over
- remark: when using Spotify directly from the app or desktop, there is no problem
- remark: I don't have any problems connecting to Sonos Radio

Some things helped a bit, mainly shortly after doing it, but then it deteriorated again.

This week I took a Tidal HiFi free trial (lossless, so needs more bandwith). And guess what: no connection problems at all.

So, by deduction and having tried almost anything I can imagine (or that Sonos helpdesk proposed), I come to think there must be a problem in the way Sonos connects to Spotify. I don't want to quit my Spotify subscription, but I guess I'll have to and change to tidal.
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reachdavenow: The thread is labeled answered because the original post was answered. The "Answered" tag refers to the original post, not to other users adding to an already existing/answered topic. This specific topic started from a known issue with Spotify over a year ago, that has since been resolved in subsequent updates. In most cases where the connection to Spotify is lost, it can be attributed to the connectivity between Sonos and the outside internet. Sometimes this can be interference from wireless broadcasting or from larger electronic devices (such as amplifiers). I've even seen problems with this where users have had each player wired to their network. In those cases, the problem came from the configuration of the network itself.

That being said, how about we start by replicating the problem, submitting a diagnostic report and replying here with the confirmation number it gives at the end? This will give me a closer look at the error logs and advise on next steps. Additionally, any insight into how your local network is set up including the make and model of the router would be most helpful.

Alternatively, if you'd like to troubleshoot in real time, feel free to give our support technicians a call. They are able to set up a remote session and get a closer look at how data is being routed along the network.

And why does this thread say "answered" at top? This problem hasn't been sufficiently answered for anyone as far as I can tell. There is no thread that gives a true solution.

It has to be a Sonos software problem if so many users are having trouble.
I lied in my earlier message. "Connection to Spotify lost" has been occurring across all of our devices. Even using the Controller app and playing on a Sonos box that is connected directly to the internet via an ethernet connection. I still lose Spotify.

I've done everything, from disconnecting the Spotify account to resetting up my Sonos network from scratch. Nothing works. Very frustrating.

When I search this problem it appears to have been going on for many years. There are complaints from 2012!

"I don't know if this helps clue into a solution, but I've been having the same problem for a quite a while and have tried the suggested solutions to no avail.
Interestingly it seems to only happen when using our phones (both iOS and Android). When we use the controller on our computers to play Spotify, things work well. Go figure."
Is this the best way to resolve this issue?
same problem here. Code 566373248
Same issue. Trying to play from the Spotify app on Mac or on iOS and selecting my Sonos PLAY:5 Gen2 speaker just glitches the app and will sometime pause the music, or play for a couple seconds on the speaker before disconnecting. When it does manage to connect for a few minutes, moving the volume slider or seek slider causes it to disconnect. Code 839830914
Every time I play Sonos it's stopping and starting Connection to Spotify issue
Diagnostic number 2104739364
I solved the issue by logging on to and doing "logout on all my devices".
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Hi sharkyjoe and Myrinx,

There are authentication errors showing up in your reports. Please try removing Spotify from your Sonos systems, then add it back. This should get the authentication working properly. If that doesn't help, please double check your subscription levels and make sure they are still set to Spotify Premium.
Same issue- nothing has changed in my house/setup. 306888783 is my diagnostic confirmation. I was literally going to order the sonos 1 bundle in two days but will hold off until this is resolved. Very frustrating. Pandora and other services still work fine, not sure why Spotify has an issue.
Same issue: 970428905
Inhave the same issue: 8507606
I've got this problem with my Sonos One, it'll play Amazon Music just fine.
Having the same issue - diagnostics confirmation number is 8389960.