unable to play - the connection to Pandora was lost

  • 11 December 2012
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I have tried disconnecting all of my Sonos components for at least 2 minutes. Pandora then played for 1 minute and then the error message came back - "unable to play - the connection to Pandora was lost". This started happening in a similar pattern 2 weeks ago after 1 full year of no problems. Pandora works fine on my desktop and internet browser but not on Sonos now. Any ideas? We love Pandora on our Sonos.

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31 replies

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Hello Matthew, Do you have issues with any other sources of music? How often does that message appear? When you do receive that message again, please submit a diagnostics report from your system and reply back to this thread with the confirmation number you receive. You can find instructions on submitting diagnostics on the Answers page below.
I've been having the same issue with Pandora. Other sources are fine. It's only Pandora. I think that this tends to happen when I use the airport express to extend the network. But the rest of the services are fine so I don't get why this would effect Pandora exclusively?
I have been having the same issue with Pandora. All other sources work without a problem. I am able to play Pandora through my iPad and then run it on my Sonos system by connecting my iPad a Line in to my Sonos Connect, so it is not an issue with the Pandora connection itself.
I am getting the exact same issue.  Just started this morning.  I have updated the software, reset the main controller, all other services work, and I can play Pandora directly, just not through Sonos.
Problem same no matter which platform I try to play Pandora from - iPad, Android device, or PC (wired connection).  Submitted diagnostic information 3264823.  
Same problem, I can play Pandora fine on my iMac but not through Sonos.
I, too, am having the same issue. I can connect via my iPhone and iMac, but not on Sonos. For the past few months I've been getting the connection-lost message, but when I tap the "play" button, Pandora will play the station. Today, however, I just get the same error message and Pandora will not play
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I'm having the same problem..... clearly there is some sort of Sonos or Pandora bug.....
ditto.  Can play Pandora on all my other devices.  Can play my music, radio etc on Sonos.  But cannot access Pandora on Sonos.
I'm having the same issue…started this morning, do we have any feedback from Sonos on this….the string here is quiet?
Submitted diagnostic information Your confirmation number is: 3265041.
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Diagnostic number 3265140
ahem... it's working now.  Wierd.
Yup, just started working on mine as well.  I guess someone un-broke something.  One more thing to give thanks for tomorrow, Pandora over Sonos for the Thanksgiving crew ...  ;-)  
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I am having the same issue dropping connection to Pandora, only with Pandora and only with Sonos. I submitted my diagnostics #3270889. Can you please tell me what is wrong? I really need this to work.
Having same issue for last 3 days. All radio stations work ... just not Pandora. What is the fix?
I can't get it to connect to either Pandora or Spotify. Very frustrating.
Having the same problem. Submitted diagnostics, confirmation number 3305151
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Having same problem myself.  Playing Pandora directly on my laptop is fine, but through Sonos doesn't work.
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Same problem with my RDIO connection and only with sonos ( unable to play xxxxxxxxxx the connection was lost). My diagnostic number is 3317299
Same problem diagnostics 3318124, please help! Thanks... Pandora connection lost message
Same problem diagnostics 3318124, please help! Thanks... Pandora connection lost message
Same issue with pandora connection #3318124
I am new to this forum but found it because I am having the same issue. Pandora connection cannot
be found, or if it is, it drops right away. Please help me.
I am having the same issue and would appreciate help solving the problem.
Thank you!