Unable to play (song)--cannot connect (to music file) becuase the server cannot be found

  • 15 August 2017
  • 7 replies

Trying to play from my music library by both PC and phone app. I get this message for the phone app as well as on my PC.

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7 replies

Where is the music being stored?
Good question. Forgive my ignorance but how do I find out that info? I'm wondering if an iTunes update did something, i.e. I clicked on something....But I've used my Sonos library successfully in the past and it was an all-of-a-sudden kind of thing. Thank you for your patience with me.
Ummm. You don't know where you music resides? OK, open the controller app on whatever device, preferably a PC/Mac rather than a mobile device. Go to "Preferences" and then click on Music Library. There should be an indication there of "Shared Music" or something similar. Next to that will be a path, which indicates where the music is that I think you're trying to play.

The alternate possibility is that when you play music, you've tried to play "on this Phone" or "iPhone" or "Device" whatever kind of phone your using.

Figuring out where it is that you're playing the music from tells us what device we're trying to locate, and figure out why it isn't responding to an internet request. i.e. it either isn't on the network, or is powered down (asleep, possibly).

Just as a check, it might be worth knowing what firmware is on your speakers, and what version of the controller app you're using.
I'm trying to play the music from my PC. The path is //OFFICE/Music, the folder being Windows' default music folder. I've attached pic of the specs of my PC controller app (which has been recently updated) as well as speaker specs.

The second error message I get is "unable to play (song name), unable to connect to //OFFICE/Music."

A third error message I get is "an error occurred while adding songs to the queue." (1002)

This is all while trying to play songs in the queue. I have no problem playing via TuneIn, Amazon Music, iHeart, etc.

Your assistance is truly appreciated.
I'll confess that I don't do Sonos on a Windows device, so I'm not 100% sure I can really help you that much.

Have you gone through all the steps here?

From the little I know about Windows is that if you're using Windows 10, you need to adjust whether the network is public or not, which is explained in the FAQ.

However, if I were to hazard a guess, I'm wondering if your computer isn't really called "OFFICE"

Your attachment tells me that your Sonos system is connected, and you're using a Bridge and have a Play:3 in a room that you call "Kitchen". Oh, and it tells me you're running the latest firmware and software, which is a good thing.

The errors that you've said are second and third are both basically the same thing, a timeout in being able to get to the folder that you've indicated.

I'd highly recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at. Or, if you prefer a quicker response time, you can find other contact options at

Good luck!
The diagnostic number is 7748261.

BTW, I did make sure go through the steps of the common issues and solutions (powered on, awake, WiFi signal, and firewall).

I would guess I've called my computer OFFICE. It's in my home office and I use it for work as well as personal. LOL

Thanks so much for your reply.
Let's hope that someone stops by soon to take a look at that diagnostic. I think this latest update may have increased their work load a touch. If you want, you might try another mode of discussion with them. Their are additional and more immediate options at