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  • 21 December 2016
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I have been playing a local NPR station using tuneln radio. Yesterday I started receiving unable ro play radio station messages when I tried to open the station. All other stations play fine. This is a station that I listen to daily. Any ideas? I have a playbar, sub and 3 play1's in other rooms. This system is around 2 months old and I haven't had any problems prior to this.

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32 replies

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If you have it in favourites then delete it and search again from TuneIn search and re-add if you find it. This will force a refresh of the URL.

If it is found but still has drop-outs see if it still works via TuneIn webpage. If that works then you will need to contact TuneIn (I have assumed here that every other Sonos source works ok so haven't focused on your Network or set-up i Assume it has to do with the NPR stream in question).
You may be able to find a URL you can add manually.
That did it. Thanks!

I have a fresh PLAY:1 speaker, just configured (update works only on cable connected to router). I can't play any TuneIn station, it shows: "Unable to play the radio station", local files are playing.

Other devices (e.g. phone, tablet, console) using this same WiFi network in home works flawlessly, even TuneIn as separate app on the phone has no issue.

I have submitted diagnostics, confirmation number is: 7034841 (diagnostics works also only on ethernet cable).

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Hi Wilk, thanks for the diagnostic. We're working with NPR on some trouble with the streams playing through Sonos and TuneIn. If that seems to be the only service you're having trouble with, that is likely the case.
I am having similar trouble playing any streaming station - NPR, Spotify or SiriusXM. I have no issues playing music on my iPhone though. This just started today, worked fine yesterday.

We are having the same problem playing "NPR Program Stream" - and the trick to delete from "My Stations" and re-add it did not work. We can play other stations just fine, but that station is failing. Very annoying.
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Hi everyone,

If you're still having troubles playing NPR stations on TuneIn, please submit diagnostic reports from your systems then reply with the numbers and I'll take a look.
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Same problem here. Diag confirmation code is 5155310. Plays fine via the TuneIn website.
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Same problem here. Diag confirmation code is 5155310. Plays fine via the TuneIn website.

Hi Dirk_7,

Which NPR station are you trying to play?
Diagnostics confirmation number 7180629. Unable to play NPR Program Stream.
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Diagnostics confirmation number 7180629. Unable to play NPR Program Stream.

I was able to get that station playing so it doesn't sound like an outage. Are you playing this station from a favorite? If so, the station's details may have changed. It may help to search for the station and play it that way. If that doesn't help, please reboot your router and each Sonos unit to update network information then try again and let me know how it goes.
I attempted to play the station from search (and deleted from favorites). Also reset Sonos and router. Still getting unable to play message. Other ideas?
What happens when you attempt to play it from TuneIn's webpage in your browser on your computer or tablet?

Might be worth sending in another diagnostic after attempting connection in the Sonos app. That may help Jeff diagnose it further.
Hi Bruce, I'm able to play the NPR Program Stream directly through TuneIn's webpage. However, still not through the Sonos app. I've resubmitted diagnostics, the confirmation number is 7203649.

Thanks for the help.
Heh, I just pointed you in a couple of potential testing directions, now it's up to Sonos folks to read the diagnostic and let us both know what's going on. But you're still most welcome. Let's see what they come up with!
Hello , am having the same problem. Sonos cant play WGBH through the app but I can listen elsewhere on the net just fine. HELP!!!
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Hello , am having the same problem. Sonos cant play WGBH through the app but I can listen elsewhere on the net just fine. HELP!!!
Broken on the TuneIn app and on the TuneIn website so probably nothing to do with Sonos.
Really? No GBH for you either? Thats good news I guess... I can play from WGBH app but only through phone speaker. hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks
GBH is broken for me, too. It’s still listed in the tunein stations, but get the same message as above both there and in my favorites. Oddly, the GBH HD2 stream (which is the WCRB classical station) and HD3 (WCAI - the Cape and Islands station) work just fine. So I’m now listening to All Things Considered on CAI.
Hmmmm ... just received a “this has been answered” alert but the answer predates the post I was replying to ... so hope if someone from Sonos is monitoring this forum they don’t assume this is fixed.

I just started having this problem a day or two ago ... not sure when the last controller/app update was.
I am having this exact problem with WGBH stream via Tunein. It started about 3 days ago and persists. None of the suggestions here works and the stream appears fine when I go to the WGBH web site. I can also listen over the air but not through the stream. All other Tunein stations that I have tried work OK. Any thoughts on how to correct this are welcome.
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Has anyone contacted WGBH about their TuneIn entry? Its not like Sonos have anything to do with this particular stream, or have special code that says "if (stream==wgbh) do_something_different()
Yes. I sent GBH an email last night but haven’t heard from them yet.
I agree that this is not a Sonos problem. The stream also is broken on the Tunein website so it is likely upstream from there. I'll reach out to WGBH an try to get more information.
Same problem 'GBH fell off ...I have deleted and re added and nothing. ....I have been fine for the past year...until two days ago...have been forced to listen to WBUR....