Unable to pair Bluetooth with my device

  • 22 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Unable to pair Sonos Move with my device on bluetooth for the first time.

I confirmed both are on the same wifi, software is updated, switched off and on the router, disconnected the app and turned on again. The chime and blue light turns on and then pressing again the button turns to blue light flashes. I tried several mobile phones and none can find the Sonos Move so, unable to pair.

On wifi mode works well, never had problems.

Can anybody help?

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2 replies

The Move is used EITHER on your WiFi OR using Bluetooth.  So you need to switch it from WiFi to Bluetooth mode by pressing the button.  Which button are you pressing?

If the speaker is on WiFi as you say, you cannot use Bluetooth with it.

The Sonos app is irrelevant when using Bluetooth.

Thanks for the answer. I am pressing the long thin button between the round ones.

So, shall I be out of wifi connection to be able to switch to bluetooth?