Unable to connect with Sonos. Fix it - After upgrading to S2


Hi there!

I have reported this as a potential bug, but I wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this.

Ever since upgrading to S2, my iOS controller will not stay connected if the Sonos app is force closed.  To reconnect the app, I have to reset the app and join existing system.

As long as the Sonos app is not forced closed, all is well.  As soon as it’s force closed...issue.  I did not have this issue with S1.  I have performed the troubleshooting steps which lead me to this observation.  It’s been a few days now with no issues since leaving the app open.

Thank you for any insight provided.

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This is an extremely annoying bug. My TV eventually just falls back to internal speakers cuz connectivity and available of Sonos Arc is intermittent. This system is expensive enough...please Sonos look into this.

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Hi @BrainSel and @DaShiznits, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

@BrainSel, I would you to take a diagnostic when you’re connected to the Sonos Arc and disconnected from the Sonos Arc.

So that I will be able to compare the two states of your connection.


@DaShiznits, I would like to know the model of your TV and how the Sonos Arc is connected to it.

I would you to also take a diagnostic when the Arc stops working.

Here’s how to take a diagnostic: Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic. 


If there are other concerns, feel free to reach out.



My TV is an LG GX65 OLED 2020 model. I connect to Sonos Arc via HDMI eArc (HDMI 2 on that model). 

For now, since I switched both iPhone (hosting S2 app) and the Arc to 2.4 GHz WiFi, everything seems to be working fine. I will watch it and take diagnostics off the issue pops up again. Thank you for th response; that’s what’s amazing about your company. Keep up the good work. 


Thank you, Kyle.  I sent two diagnostics today: the first one was when the system was in a failed state, the second one was when the system was connected.


It appears that the Playbar and the Sub are both disconnecting from Wi-Fi.  I can see that the MAC Addresses drop off my access points.  I’m not having any other issues with our network and I am an IT Professional.  I did not have any issues prior to the S2 upgrade.


In order to reconnect, I have to clear the app and run through the join existing system process.  I’m not sure how long it takes before they disconnect.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi @DaShiznits and @BrainSel, thanks for the update.

@DaShiznits, I’m glad to hear that it’s currently working.

Please do monitor, if the issue will occur again. 

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.


@BrainSel, could you please provide the confirmation number of the diagnostic you took.

So, I can take a look on my end.



106306719 - Diagnostics during connection with no issue.


I’ll need to take another diagnostics when it’s in a failed state.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi @BrainSel, thanks for the update.

I have checked the diagnostic, So far, no major errors; the Sonos app is on the S2 firmware, the Sonos speakers are on S2 firmware and

the Playbar is receiving the TV signal through the optical connection just fine.

Reach out to us when you have the same issue. For now, you should be fine.




Thank you, Kyle.  I love your optimism.  I’ll send you the diagnostics when the system disconnects from Wi-Fi tomorrow.


Thank you for your help. 


Here is the diagnostic in the failed state - 1730730354.


Both the Playbar and the Sub are disconnected from Wi-Fi in the failed state.  We did not have this behavior with S1.  This is new with S2.

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Hi @BrainSel, thank you for the reply.

I checked the diagnostic and compared it with the previous one. It would seem to indicate that you have two routers in the network, one named Huey and one named Jack.

In the previous diagnostic your phone is connected to Jack which allows you to connect.

Now, you're connected to Huey which isn’t the Wifi your Sonos uses. The Sonos mobile app and Sonos needs to be in the same network in order to communicate with each other.

In this case, we need to use the same Wifi which is Jack. We need to check the Jack Wifi because if the Jack Wifi goes down the Sonos speakers get disconnected as well. 

I would like to know more about how your network is set up. So, we can make adjustments.



Thank you, Kyle.  Those two SSIDs are for the same network.  Jack is our 2.4GHz and Huey is our 5.0GHz.  It’s not our network that’s the issue.  When the Playbar and the Sub disconnect, the MAC addresses disappear from the router.  When I go through the reconnect process of joining an existing system, they reappear and stay connected for an entire day.


This behavior started with the S2 upgrade.  If you search through this Community, you’ll see others are having similar disconnect issues.

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Hi @BrainSel, thanks for the update.

We have a 2.4 g and 5 g wifi, just to inform you if you don’t know this yet.

Sonos players can’t connect to 5g. So make sure you’re connected to Jack.

Can you check the light the players are showing and if it’s blinking?

If solid white, reboot the speakers, leave them unplugged for 10 secs then plug them back in.

They’ll blink white to indicate that they’re booting up.

Once, they stop blinking white, wait for a few minutes for them to connect, then check the Sonos app.

If you see them again, monitor them if they’re going to disconnect.

If they still do, we’re going to need to do a credential refresh. Connect the Playbar to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Go to Settings > System > Network > Networks and remove all the network listed. Afterward, check under System if both the Playbar and Sub are showing. 

Go back to Network then do Wireless setup. Once setup is complete disconnect the Playbar and put it back. 

Monitor the Playbar and sub if it disconnects again.

Just keep in mind your phone and the Sonos speakers must be on the same network under 2.4 g band.

Update us with your findings.





Thank you Kyle.  The speakers are connected to the same network as my phone on the 2.4GHz bandwidth and stay connected for less than a day when they are either rebooted or re-joined to an existing system.  I do not have a wired connection nearby nor did I need one to initially set these up.  These speakers were working perfectly fine prior to the S2 upgrade.


Would you mind researching this internally or escalating this to let the developers know about the Wi-Fi disconnects after upgrading to S2?


Thank you for your help.

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Hi @BrainSel, thank you for the update.

Having a room drop isn’t exclusively with just the S2 app. We have these issues even before the S2 updates.

The trick is to isolate the issue. What’s the root cause but I’ll check in with our dev team. No guarantees that I’ll have more information on this.

Also, If your phone has the capability to switch to 5 g without you knowing it. It’ll also disconnect you from the system.

If you want to be escalated, I recommend giving our phone support a call. They’ll have more options to troubleshoot this with you live.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.





Hi Kyle.  It doesn’t seem like a room is dropping, it seems like two components (Playbar and Sub) are disconnecting from Wi-Fi.  I can see the MAC addresses disappear from the router after less than a day.


I don’t think this has anything to do with the network or the App.  As far as isolating, this started with the S2 upgrade and seems to follow the hardware.  I have had no problems prior.  As with any major upgrade, it’s possible that there are old, conflicting pieces of the prior OS lingering around causing issues.  I’m going to perform a factory reset on the Playbar and Sub to see if that resolves the issue.  I’ll report back with the results.

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Hi @BrainSel, thanks for the update.

Alright, keep us posted.

Just reach out for other concerns.


Just a quick update - The Playbar and the Sub have been factory reset and the S2 App has been deleted and reinstalled.  A new diagnostic was taken after the setup completed - 360090285.


If anyone ventures to perform this procedure, some words of advice:

• Start over completely - Factory reset all components and delete/reinstall the app

• Remove power from everything except the Playbar

• Start with the Playbar and set it up completely, then add the Sub or other components later


I’ll report back tomorrow with the results.


Well, they stayed connected for about 4 hours.  Here’s the diagnostic after the disconnect - 1315112767.


After a full factory reset, the results are the same.


Are there any knows issues with S2 and hidden networks?

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Hi there,

I’m on S2 and I do not have the issues you are reporting. I force close the App all the time and whenever I launch it, it will reconnect without any issues.

My WiFi is also hidden, that shouldn’t be an issue. 
Just a note for other who are reading this - it is not a good idea to completely factory reset your system as you will loose your saved playlist and all other settings.

I have noticed that complaints similar to your usually come up on the forum whenever a new update is installed - not specific to S1. There’s always a certain surge of such cases after updates.

Usually the recommended action is to switch off all your network components including router and the switch them on again one by one, leaving a minute or so in between component. I would suggest you try that.


Thank you for your reply.  I appreciate your input.

I agree, a factory reset in my case was easy since I don’t have any playlists or special settings that are difficult to restore.  It may not be for everyone.  In the name of science and taking one for the team, I attempted this to see if it would resolve things.  It didn’t.

I would normally agree with the network reboot, except for there are no other issues with any other connected devices.  Prior to the upgrade, there were no issues with S1.  It never disconnected.  This new behavior came with S2.  The Playbar and the Sub both disconnect from WiFi.  I can see the MAC Addresses are gone.  If I reboot Sonos, they connect for a few hours.  If I clear the app and join existing system, they connect for a few hours.  If I factory reset, they connect for a few hours.

I trust Sonos and know that in due time there will be an update that addresses and fixes this.

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Something to try that has helped a lot of folks is giving the sonos gear static/reserved IP addresses from the router’s DHCP page. Power down Sonos, reboot router and controller, power up the sonos one at a time.


Thank you, Stanley_4.

I have created DHCP Reservations for the Playbar and the Sub.  Both are back online.  I’ll report back tomorrow with the results.

Thank you, everyone, for your responses.


Nope...didn’t have to wait until tomorrow.  Both components are offline again.

I wonder if there is a timeout on the NICs now with S2.


I have restarted both components, they are back online.

I have now setup continuous pings to both components to hopefully act as keep-alives.

I’ll report back soon.


Just a quick update - almost 6 hours later and they are still connected.  If both components are still online tomorrow, I’ll be calling Sonos Support and reporting this bug.

It appears that the Wi-Fi NICs are going to sleep.  Running continuous pings to both components acts as keep-alives.  After doing this today, this is the longest these have stayed online with the S2 upgrade.

More to come...