unable to connect to sonos. fix it

  • 10 May 2020
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I just started getting this error.  I’ve tried restarting the app. Unplugging my speakers. Restarting modem and reinstalling speakers.  Tried plugging speaker directly into modem. Nothing is working. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 

1 reply

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@Bstull Sorry for the slow reply and welcome to the Sonos Community. Please follow up and let us know if you have since self-resolved your issue. If yes, please follow up with an updated diagnostic report number with us here. I ask, as I do not see that you have reached out for phone or email support help.

What we can see is that you have a brief diagnostic report number history. What we can see indicates that you likely had a Sonos Bridge that went bad and you attempted to replace/add a Sonos Boost to your system. If you are not back to working properly, the Boost you were setting, may have setup but not when you were connected to your already working Sonos products, meaning your Boost setup under a different ID leaving you with the messaging of, lets get a speaker setup to play the music.

If you have not self-resolved this and are getting that similar sounding message then please make sure:

  1. Your old Bridge is removed from power
  2. Make one of your currently working Sonos products like your Play:1 Gazebo or Garage the Ethernet wired product to the router, instead of the old Bridge.
  3. Then power re-boot all of your Sonos units off/on for 15 seconds, leaving the Bridge off of power and the new Boost.
  4. Then complete a factory reset of your Boost. It does not have to be wired to the router during these steps.

When you complete the factory reset of your Boost you can then add it to your currently working setup. When the setup of the Boost is done you can then swap out the wired Play:1 and make the Boost wired for Sonosnet to the router. If any room names disappear for more than one minute then power re-boot off/on that missing room name for 10 seconds and re-check the rooms tab.