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  • 4 December 2016
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Please help. I am very close to throwing this expensive speaker into the sea. We play our music from a mac book with a Play3, standard set up. We have an increasingly frequent error - music stops playing, and the sonos app gives the error message: unable to connect to //Leos-MacBook-Pro-2/Music. We can't play anything for a while till it deems itself ready to play. This is hapening so often that the damn thing is now essentially useless, and I'm fed up. I have tried the following things:
- every bloody combination of wifi channels - both for the sonos and for the wifi router.
- upgraded the broadband to virgin 200 Mbps (so called) service.
- the play 3 is in a different room to the router, but this problem happens when it's in the same room too.

I have not (yet) experienced the problem when listening to the radio. Might this problem be more to do with the music library than the wifi signal???

I've emailed the helpdesk with diagnostic stuff but no response....On Monday 28th they said they'd reply within 24 hrs, heard nothing back.

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6 replies

It'll be the connection to the MacBook. You mention a Sonos channel so presumably you have a wired Sonos device. Which channels are Sonos and WiFi using?

BTW the MacBook name -- Leos-MacBook-Pro-2 -- exceeds the recommended maximum length of 15 chars. (
Thank you for fast reply.

I've changed the name of the macbook...hasn't made any difference!

I am ashamed to say that I'm not sure what a 'wired songs device' is but I don't think mine is one. It's a Play3, and the only wire is the power cord!!

My wifi router is currently set to channel 2, and the 'SonosNet channel' is 11.
We also have the following wifi signals in the room with the sonos...
Our home wifi, channel 2, -60bB
neighbour's wifi, channel 5, -67dB
neighbour's wifi, channel 1, -71dB
neighbour's wifi, channel 6, -77dB
another wifi thing with virgin ident (is this the SonosNet channel??) channel 11, -87
...and then some other ones that i can't identify, ch 6-88dB, ch 11 -88 dB, ch 11 -96dB.

Just to be clear I have tried every combination of channels, I think. Please don't just tell me to try more or I'll just chuck the damn thing out! It should not be this hard, surely?

The radio has been on all day with absolutely no problem. Tried playing music from the library (iTunes) and it cut out after about 20 mins. What am I doing wrong??????

The error message is:
Unable to play '[song]' - unable to connect to //leosmac/Music.

Please help!
Your MacBook isn't going to sleep after 20 mins is it?
Now you've got me thinking....but no, it's gone off while we've been using the laptop too.
I wonder if you are right. When on battery power just now, screen went blank (sleep mode, yes?) and then a minute later or so it cut out. IS there are helpful explanation for dummies as to what settings I should have all the power things set to to avoid this?

If this works I will be very, very, very happy!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU Ratty! You were absolutely right. If it goes to sleep whilst on battery power, it cuts out after a few more minutes. You've made me very happy and saved our New Years Party. Thanks a million.