Unable to connect to apple music

Over the last week, apple music has dropped out more than ive been able to listen to it. Constantly getting the "unable to connect to apple music" message. This can happen when I first try to play something on entering the house or more often then not mid way thru an album etc. Not impressed at all as Ive invested a lot of money in my sonos setup (4 x play1's, 2 x play3's, 1 x play5, playbar, sub, connect amp feeding a ceiling speaker in my bathroom, connect linking my turntable and a cr200 controller) just to find I cant listen to music I am paying a monthly subscription to. Surely I cant be the only apple music user experiencing these problems.
Any others having similar issues?
Sonos whats going on?

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Yes, I started seeing these symptoms a few weeks ago, after months of rock-solid streaming. It starts working again several minutes or hours later, but I've generally given up and made do with silence long before then.

Just to clarify, I can stream the same tracks within the iTunes app with no problems. (But of course, I'm not interested in playing music through my laptop's built-in speakers.)

In case it helps Sonos support, I have submitted a diagnostic report with number 7945781.
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Hello bladerider & kfoojones:

Just a quick clarifying question, are you both experiencing this when specifically playing playlists on Apple Music? If so, check out this thread. We are currently gathering information about an ongoing problem with Apple Music and playlists.
Hello Keith,

I am not sure if I am experiencing exactly the same problem as in that other thread: I do tend to use the 'Recently Added' section under Apple Music / My Music, but I have never had the list fail to load. My problem sounds more like the second issue described by the OP in that thread: Sonos sometimes fails to start playing the next track in the queue, after I've already started listening. If I observe the Sonos Controller app when this happens, I see it attempt to start playing but give up after a few seconds and show the "unable to connect to Apple Music" error message. It then tries the next track and fails in the same way. After three or four failures in a row, it gives up completely and stops the queue. Once this happens, it keeps happening until the problem fixes itself some time later.

For another point of reference, I'm pretty sure that I've never had a track stop playing part-way through with this error – it seems to be a failure to start tracks.

I'll PM you the details you requested.


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