Unable to connect to Apple Music.

I am having a problem where Sonos is unable to connect to Apple Music. It wouldn’t work yesterday morning, but when I came in from work it did. Now it’s not working again this morning?
Maybe it isn’t a morning Sonos 😃

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Reenato, perhaps you might submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, to help the folks at Sonos figure out what is happening? The more data points they have, the more likely it would be that they can determine what's causing the issue, and how to resolve it.
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Hello Mkersyshull, welcome to the community.

That's really odd. We'd like a little more information about your Sonos system. Would you mind submitting a diagnostic? Here's an article explaining how to submit a diagnostic
I’m afraid I’ve just got home and it’s working again now. But I still did a diagnostic
Your confirmation number is: 7912599
I’ll do one again if it stops working
Okay, so it’s happened again this evening. Here’s the diagnostic
Your confirmation number is: 7935198
This is happening to me right now. some assistance please.
Hi- similar problem here where we only play our Apple Music Family Subscription (playlists/Apple radio) through Sonos. Many times a day, a song will just stop mid song. When I look at Sonos App, it says ‘cannot connect up Apple Music’. I have an overkill mesh wireless network and 250mbps speeds. I’ve submitted diagnostics, please advise as I have almost $10k in Sonos gear and cannot play music without issues. Also, I can play Apple Music from its app streamed straight over Yamaha receiver with airplay without any issues. Thx. Diaz- Your confirmation number is: 8166132.
Hello. It seems that the “network insufficient” errors only occur when Apple Music is involved. When I stream radio over Sonos or play music from my iPad (purchased or ripped Music) via Sonos there is flawless transmission. This is on standard or boost connections. By a process of elimination, the problem is with Apple Music whenever the songs are streamed or downloaded but not purchased. Is this a likely explanation? Will a Sonos boost device help or is this an Apple Music problem?
Actually, the problem persists even for purchased music via Apple Music over Sonos but plays fine directly from the iPad via Sonos. This is definitely an Apple Music issue. Will a Sonos boost device help? Has anyone else noticed the problem? I am using a pair of Play 1 speakers split between left and right for stereo effect and the Sonos SUB.
I am unable to play Apple music from my laptop or iPhone using the Sonos App. Here is my diagnostics number: 557133585 Thank you.
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I am unable to play Apple music from my laptop or iPhone using the Sonos App. Here is my diagnostics number: 557133585 Thank you.

Hi rjkinfmy,

It looks like there is some wireless interference hitting your Sonos system. This is from nearby networks running on the same wireless channel as your own, and is likely the reason for your audio issues. Please try changing your router's wireless channel from 6 to 11 and see if that helps.