unable to connect to amazon music

recently my playlist started skipping over any song from amazon music, but would play all others on the playlist.  when i select a single song/album to play from amazon music it plays fine.  large playlist, so it would be a pain to replace all amazon songs on it with other services….   any help would be greatly appreciated, thx

the error im getting is “sonos unable to connect to amazon music”


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Have you tried reauthorising the Amazon Music Service in the Sonos App ‘Settings/Services & Voice’ to see if that fixes the issue?

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How large is the playlist? Amazon have some not-great size limits on those.

I did reauthorize the account, but it did not help….  The playlist is a mix of multiple services of 500+ songs.  

But it seems all is ok now.   I tried the same playlist this morning and everything is working as it used to.   Not sure what the issue was, but I’m glad it’s fixed.   Thanks for the help!

I reset my wifi multiple times, tried reauthorization, even disconnected my Amazon and am trying to add it again but I keep getting the "There was a problem authorizing your account...." This is happening a lot lately and usually if I reset the router, it connects again but today (of course it's a weekend and support is closed), it will not reconnect at all. I can't even add it now. 



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I am having same problem.  Intermittently I  cannot reauthorize or reinstall amazon music. I get intermittent Errors.

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One of my regrets in life was buying a Sonos system.  Headaches are perrennial.  I have been having constant intermittent problems connecting to amazon music.   FIX IT!!!!!!!

Now I am able to re-add the Amazon Music Service before the Android App and the
Computer App was not allowing...this was the error:

“ When I tried removing and re-adding my Amazon Music I am seeing this from both the Sonos Android App and from the Windows App:

There was a problem authorizing your account.
Please check you internet connection.
Select back and try to authorize your account again.

If the problem persist, please contact Sonos Customer Care.”


We're having this problem lately, too.

I uninstalled the service from Sonos, then got the same message as aaron above. Next I clicked on "I don't have an account", just to see what would happen, and got this:

Does it shed any light for you techies?



Sonos needs to fix this. +1 on literally everything that has been posted in this thread.

What is going on here?

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This appears to be an Amazon issue.  Take a look at this post and @Rhp’s comment in partiuclar: