Unable to connect Play5(gen2) to wireless

  • 1 April 2017
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Hey guys,

Recently, my play5 can't connect to my home wifi(it worked before). I reset the play5 and my router a lot of times. I use both phone and PC controller. When I use iphone controller, my phone can't find the wifi created by Sonos. When I use my PC controller, the sonos is able to connect to router with cable, but when I try to setup the wireless connection, it always gives me the error message:
"please check you name and password for your network. ensure you are using a 2.4GHz wireless network that is compatible with 802.11b/802.11g". My router is definitely meet the requirement and it works before. Given the result, I suspect that the wifi modular within Sonos is broken.

That's quite annoying. Does anyone has the same issue as well? Thank you very much!!

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8 replies

I had the same thing happen. I can't get it to connect unless I use ethernet.
Indeed. It just can't connect to wifi. Have you solve it now?
you try to connect a router itself or wifi amplifier(extender/repeater)?
I can connect on a router using ethernet, but it will not do wifi. I have multiple others that work on wifi.
@minglan01. When you say your iphone cannot connect to the wifi created by Sonos, what do you mean? There is no wifi created by Sonos to which an iPhone can connect. Your phone needs to connect to your home wifi network. Or are you doing a system setup from scratch every time?

Do you have a Sonos device wired by Ethernet to your router in your normal set up, or entirely over wifi? In fact, do you have any other Sonos components besides the P:5?
No the Play 5 will only work with ethernet wire connection. It will not work wirelessly. I have multiple other Sonos devices connected wirelessly.
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To add to John B's questions... (the answers will be helpful in troubleshooting) Two things come to mind with the iPhone connectivity and finding Sonos on your network.... If you are having wifi challenges in your home, your iPhone may default to try to "help" the phone by using cellular connectivity/data... this "wifi assist" on the iPhone helps when accessing internet resources by using cellular data, but hinders you accessing anything local on your network. I would shut off "wifi assist" on the iPhone ("setting app", "Cellular"... go to the very very bottom and shut off slider")

Second, If you have no Sonos products connected to your router with ethernet, they will connected wirelessly to your router on a 2.4Ghz channel. You do need to have the controlling device connected to that same 2.4Ghz router segment and typically cannot be connected to a 5Ghz segment.

Hope this is helpful.