Unable to connect Play3 and Playbar

  • 12 November 2016
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Up until a few weeks ago I was able to use my playbard and my two play3s connected in surround for my living room. Now the two Play3s are disconnected and both refuse to connected back to my network. I have already tried as many troubleshooting steps as I could find, I have reset the controller multiple times, I have also reset both speakers and the playbar. I have tested both the iOS sonos application and the sonos windows desktop application and both are having issues. Sometimes I can add one of the two Play3 speakers but after a short period of time it ends up disconnecting. I have already attempted to contact support once with this issue but nothing was resolved. I have also submitted diagnostics from the windows application (6739569).


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3 replies

Has anything changed with your network? A new router perhaps?
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What steps did support have you try?

Do you have a way to hook one unit to your home router to see if it all comes up properly using Sonosnet?
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Hello Warcorer. The diagnostic you provided is only showing one of the PLAY:3's and no PLAYBAR. It appears all three of your Sonos components are set up as their own individual system. Try Factory Resetting your PLAY:3's and then close the Sonos app completely. Re-open the app and make sure you are seeing your PLAYBAR. Go to Manage>Settings>Room Settings and select Add Surrounds. Follow the steps provided in the app to add your PLAY:3's to the PLAYBAR and let us know if you have any trouble.