unable to browse music

  • 1 August 2020
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From sonos controller on my laptop I try to access Music Library through Folders, music/iTunes library. I get to a list of artists and select an album but then Unable to browse music. I don't have this problem when accessing music via my android phone. I set my laptop to update music library but even after many hours nothing updates.

6 replies

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Hi @Mike_149, thanks for reaching out! Let me help you with that but we need to confirm what you said, are you able to play your music library using your phone or the music stored on your phone? Try to submit a diagnostic of your system using your laptop to further check it on our end. Reply to us with the confirmation number. Thanks! 

Hi Krishma.

I don’t have music stored on my phone. I stream from amazon.

I can also stream music from amazon on my laptop

I keep my iTunes music on an external hard drive. I think this is where the problem lies.

This is the first time I have experienced this in years.

The number from sonos diagnostics is: 643061293.

Thanks for your interest.

Regaeds, Mike

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Hi @Mike_149, thanks for your reply and diagnostic. We can safe to say now that music streaming is okay for both devices and our only problem is the music library. Upon checking you have added 6 folders in Sonos Music library and since you said that you are using the external hard drive, I found one shared folder maybe from that drive with Sonos and the rest of the folders are from your laptop, make sure you’re selecting the right location in Sonos, maybe that’s the problem. Also, it always needs to be connected to your laptop to play music. Let us know if this helps. Thanks! 

Hi Krishma.

I understand what you have said re folders and selecting which to use etc. 

My problem is that I do not get the music library option when I open the controller on my laptop and therefore cannot access music in the folders. I cannot stream from amazon either because I cannot even see this option in the music library. 

I do not have this problem when using sonos from my android phone. Everything works fine.

Regards, Mike 

@Mike_149 .  You sound rather confused about the nature of the music library, and which music library we are discussing.  The Sonos Music Library has nothing to do with Amazon Music.  You may be best calling Sonos Support, but maybe this link will help: 

Thanks John. I'll follow the link and see if it helps. If we forget about the amazon issue, my problem is that I cannot access my music stored on my external drive because I do not get the option in the controller in the very first place when I open sonos on my laptop.

I can do everything I want to do from my phone because I get the options in the controller.

Regards, Mike