Unable to Add All Songs to Sonos Playlist(s)

  • 18 October 2016
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First-timer here. Sonos worked flawlessly out of the box for a few weeks until recently. I've been having difficulties adding songs from Apple Music's playlists to the Sonos Queue smoothly. It buffers for a very long time (1-5 mins), and 9/10 times I would just get "An error occured while adding songs to the Queue (1002)" Each playlist contains about 1-2K songs.

So my workaround has been adding Apple Music's playlists to Sonos playlists, then play from there instead. This workaround has worked worked; however, I can't seem to port all playlists from Apple Music to Sonos. I would get an "Unable to add all songs in [Apple Music playlist name] to [Sonos playlist name]" for a few of them. I am able to add each song separately tho, however, that's just not practical.

I've already made the following attempts to resolve the issues:
1. Change router's channel to 1 from Automatic
2. Quit all Sonos controllers on all of my devices
3. Rebooted Play:1s, Connect, as well as my router

and here is my diagnostic: 6653811

Thanks in advance.


Best answer by ratty 18 October 2016, 17:18

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4 replies

You could simply be hitting the limit of Sonos Playlist capacity, though usually you get a more helpful error message in such circumstances.
Thanks for the input, ratty.

With less than 10 playlists total and each containing 1-2k songs, I believe I'm well under the 40K limit on Sonos playlists.

Also, from what I read, part of the playlist should be imported even after hitting the limit, but in my case, I get zero songs imported.
The 40k limit is for importing playlists from iTunes, which is quite different.

Sonos Playlists have an aggregate limit of 10k, possibly less depending on the composition of the playlists. It sounds like you've hit that ceiling.
Hi, ratty,

You're absolutely right. My current total number of songs are 9,711, and I just did a quick test importing a tiny playlist and it worked flawlessly, thanks!