Ubiquiti UniFi Lite Access Point & Sonos problem

  • 28 April 2020
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I have 2 Ubiquiti UniFi Lite WiFi Access Points in my house. The WIFI is excelent, the speed is good (300mega bits), I don’t have Amy issues ro problems Within the WIFI connection with any of my devices (Ihopne, IPad, TV, PC, MAC ect...).


I do have a hugge problem with the WIFI and Sonos. I have a AMP, one and Beam. 3 times the sonos support has helped me get the Sonos up and running. But each time after some time (days/weeks) the Sonos app can’t find the speekers/roomes, and I have to start all over  last time the Sonos supporter and I had to give up the installation.

Sonos support can’t help any more and I’m stuck!


My last guess is that it could be a WIFI problem between the accespoints ans Sonos. 


4 replies

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Not answering your question but a suggestion instead. Why not wire one or more of your Sonos to your Ethernet and take them off your home WiFi? That lets your Ubiquity gear operate as designed without having to dial the operation back to levels that Sonos requires. It also lets Sonos manage their own networking with no impact on your WiFi setup.

Maybe helping with the question, I abandoned Standard / WiFi mode long ago but from what I remember I had to enable B/G mode on the APs, disable AirTime Fairness, both had to have the same SSID and be on the same 2,4 GHz channel.

I have 7 sonos devices across 2 AC Pros (all wifi) and I do recall a few Unify controller firmwares back (and AP firmwares) having had the same problem. Always the same SSID, both 2.4 and 5Ghz, last 10 months all works flawlessly. In other words, update your Ubiquiti and if not using a controller, do use one (windows or linux are both free, then there is the Key etc)

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Have problem with Sonos devices on Ubiquiti Wi-Fi.

5 One SL’s and Move.
Wi-Fi consist of Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG) + 3 AP AC Lite’s

Two of One LS’s and Move do connect via Wi-Fi, updated and lost connection after update.

Only one that I know, that security level oа Wi-Fi is low, by message in iPhone and MacBook.

In same time, AMP, connected via Ethernet works fine.

Any advice or guide for Unify setup?

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Did you see my post above?  


I don’t have a Move here but I’m really happy with my Sonos on SonosNet (one or more wired) and my other gear running on a fully optimized Ubiquity WiFi link.

If you really want Sonos on Ubiquity provided WiFi dig back and see the posts about what settings had to be changed to get it working well.