Ubiquiti Amplifi HD

  • 31 January 2019
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I have a BT Homehub 6 that delivers woeful wifi. Did a great deal of research and now have purchased a Ubiquiti Amplifi HD to deliver better wifi throughout the house. This seems to be the case, however my Sonos equipment does not seem to like it.
I have:
Living Room: Playbar, sub, play 1's
Dining room: 2 x Play 1
Kitchen: 1 x Play 1
Bedroom: Play 5 (1st gen), connect amp
All are connected via wifi, there re no wired connections to Sonos. I do have TP Link powerline for other devices but not using for Sonos

I create a new wifi from Amplifi HD with same SSID and password as the BT router and turn off wifi on BT router, all devices seem to switch to Amplifi seamlessly apart from Sonos. Sonos controller is up but complains Sonos devices are on different network. Follow Sonos instructions but none seem to work.

Switched band steering off on the Amplifi as it was rumoured this could be an issue but to no avail.

I get to the point where the Amplifi has to be switched off again and old BT router with Wifi reinstated. However Sonos was totally confused and all Sonos devices had to be factory reset, I also had to re install the controller app and lost saved content.

Shouldn't be this hard.

Has anyone got experience they could share please?


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6 replies

The Amplifi contains a router, unless you deliberately put it into bridge mode. Your Sonos system could quite well have needed a full power off/on to reboot the units and put them onto the correct IP address range. If the SSID/key was mirrored from the Hub6 the Sonos devices should then have connected automatically. You reset the Sonos system unnecessarily, and in fact it's almost never the answer for what are simple networking connectivity issues.
Yeah. wasn't ideal but had no where to go. So does the Amplifi need to be in bridge mode? The issue was the DHCP range was the same, the SSID and key were mirrored, but the Sonos units wouldn't play ball. Anything I'm missing or other suggestions? Faulty Amplifi?
Clearly not faulty, since you're presumably up and running now.

The DHCP range can't be the same otherwise your Amplifi wouldn't work. Devices connecting to it would be unable to access the internet. BT Hubs use 192.168.1.x. The Amplifi has presumably detected this and automatically used a different subnet prefix.

If you don't need any of the Ampifi router features, put it in bridge mode. You already have a primary router. Otherwise you'd need to ensure that any devices you want to control Sonos are always connected to the Amplifi.
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Amplifi is awesome. As I use a Boost, I didn't have to reconfigure anything Sonos-related when I switched over.
No, I’m not up and running as messing with Wi-Fi when kids are around is never a good idea. They’re both out tonight so have a bit of time to spend on it. So using AMPLIFI in Bridge mode will disable all routing capabilities including dhcp server.
So in logical steps,
bring the AMPLIFI up with SSID X/Key X,
Put in Bridge mode,
connect lan to hub6,
Turn off Wi-fi on hub6 SSID Y
Rename AMPLIFI ssid from X to Y with all correct keys.

Everything should spring into life or power off/on sonos?
Your Sonos is currently sitting on the Amplifi's subnet. Power the system off. Make your listed changes, as above. Power Sonos up again.