Two Wifi networks - Speakers a split between

  • 20 October 2019
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I have a bit of a mess going on at my primary residence.     I currently have two different Wifi networks and I have 8 Sonos products in the house.   I have three speakers showing up on one network and the other five showing up on the different network.   

how can I get these speakers to all be on one netwok? 

I have tried the reset of the speakers but they will not connect to the opposite network when I try to add the product.   

thanks in advance 

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4 replies

Why do you have two networks? Do the WiFi coverage areas overlap?


One easy solution might be to wire one or more SONOS units to [u]one[/u] of your networks and remove the WiFi password from all of the SONOS units. Unfortunately, if you really do have two independent networks, if a controller device is attached to the wrong network, none of your SONOS units will be visible.

I have two networks because our provider has a wireless router in there system and to extend to the rest of the house they recommended I use Google Mesh.   So the Google Mesh is its own network and then the providers network also.   


I have two sono’s networks in my house.   Is it possible to merge them or delete one?   

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Is it possible to connect one of your Sonos device with a cable to your router? That way the Sonos devices alle switch to Sonosnet and after that has happened you can delete their reference to your wifi. A Boost would accomplish the same thing.

Google wifi acts as a DHCP server, so you shoukd put your other router into 'modem only' mode if it has one. If it doesn't then turn off the wifi on original router, have the primary Google puck as the only device wired to your router. Wire a Sonos device to a Google puck.

Roboot (power cycle) all your Sonos devices. 

You don't need two networks and it would be much better not to.