Two seperate systems in close proximity, one play1 was unplugged and now I can not access the correct system.

  • 3 August 2017
  • 1 reply

I own a retail store and there is another store right next to us that uses the same wifi. Overnight somebody unplugged the speaker I use and when I turned on the system this morning it automatically connected to the other store's system. I tried to add my play1 back to the program on my computer but all that did was add it to the other store's system. I tried calling sonos support and fb messaging them. Frustratingly, they have not responded to either of those attempts at getting support and it has been over an hour so here I am.

What I need:
Remove my speaker from the other store's system.
Get my system back up and running using my sonos registration and pandora/spotify/etc. logins instead of the other store's

If it helps I do have access to both store's systems.

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1 reply

So your store in this other store log on to the exact same wifi, but each have separate sonos systems? Do you own both stores? If you do, why not have everything in one sonso system, multiple zones? If you don't, is it really a good idea to be sharing wifi?

I personally wasn't aware that you could even have 2 sonos systems on one network, so I can't really give great advice. Other here will be better. However, I'd assume that when you originally added the PLAY:!, it was with factory defaults. So restoring factory defaults and re-adding to your system should work. However, I'd wait for better advice, as that would erase any settings and sources if there are no other sonos products in your system.