Two Different Wifi IP Address ranges

  • 18 January 2017
  • 4 replies

I have a Linksys wifi network that is spread over two floors
One half is 192.168 the other is 172.26
Everything else connected to one or the other seems to work with no problems, Plex Internet etc
But the Sonos on 172 cannot be found by anything on the 192 network

Any ideas?

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4 replies

You have two routers running, which means you have two subnets. Sonos uses UPnP which does not work across subnets. You need to configure one of your routers as a access point instead of a router to get them on the same subnet.
How do I do that?
That will depend on the router - consult the manual for the router. You are looking for instructions to configure the router as an access point, or put it into "bridge" mode, or to "disable DHCP".