TV sound won’t turn off when using Beam

  • 23 May 2020
  • 1 reply

As the title describes, we’re currently having an issue where the sound on our tv won’t turn off when using the beam sound bar. This has created an annoying echo when watching anything.

We can’t seem to turn the tv volume off at all. Bizarrely, when turning down the volume on the remote or on the tv itself, it will control the beam bar/turn it off completely, but sound still comes from the tv.

I’ve tried disconnecting the beam from our system and setting it up again, but it hasn’t done anything. The problem only started a couple of days ago.

Any advice would be appreciated - the beam is connected via hdmi-arc and the tv is a Sony.

Thanks in advance!







1 reply

Sounds like there may be a few of things to check. First, make sure HDMI CEC is turned on in the settings on your TV, assuming you gave it connected via HDMI to the Beam. It’s possible Sony may use another name for that, but without a model number of the TV, it’s hard to look up the manual. Second, you may want to double check the HDMI cable as well. If it’s an older cable, and not the one shipped with the Beam, it could be from before HDMI CEC was part of the specs. Third, it may be worth checking to see if there are any software updates for the TV set. And fourth, it might be worth a simple reboot of the OS running on the TV, by unplugging it from power (not turning it off with the remote, you must remove power completely), waiting two minutes, then plugging it back in. 

My old Sony, probably from around 2010 had the ability to turn off the external speakers, although I don’t remember where it was. I’d have thought in Audio Settings, but again, without a link to the manual for your specific TV, it’s hard to know for your TV.