TV Sound stopped working overnight on Beam

  • 15 July 2019
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Tturned my TV on today and the sound was not working on my ARC linked LG smart TV which is connected to the Beam by HDMI. It has been working fine for 6 months.

This is what the app says:
1. "We've detected a connection issue with your HDMI connection. We'll help you fox it."
2. It then scrolls through steps to identify and connect to the ARC which I've done.
3. It tries to connect but says "audio out not enabled" (it is).
4. "Test connection" results in saying audio out not enabled. Whats odd is for the first 3 seconds when I presh "test the connection" the sound comes on and then drops off again; and it eventually says "audio out not connected" (it is).

Tthings I've tried.

1. Different hdmi cable
2. Power off the beam
3. Power off the TV
4. Power off the beam and the TV
5. Hard reset of beam and controller and re installing the beam
6. Removing all other hdmi cables from the TV except the beam.

Sound otherwise is fine on the beam e.g. spotify.

I submitted a diagnostic 739572140

Thanks for your help.

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4 replies

When you say you powered off the TV, how did you do that?
HI, I unplugged at the wall. Waited for the light to go off and turned it back on.
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Is it possible the TV has a fault? If Beam is ok with music streaming, try the TV through the internal speakers rather than HDMI output.

Hi there, did you manage to get this sorted?

I just bought a new beam yesterday and have run into the same problem.

ARC worked fine with a previous sound bar.

When I connect the sound bar through ARC, i get a notification on my tv - ARC Device Connect

Can someone advise?

PS: I've preformed all the troubleshooting as per the first message on this thread.