TV Sound cutting out on Playbase

I have a Samsung Smart TV connected to a new Playbase. The TV sound intermittently cuts out. It sometimes comes back in its own, or it will come back when I switch channels or turn the TV on/off. Very frustrating. Looking for any advice on TV or Playbase set-up to fix this. Have checked optical cable connections.

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Hello ! I have a seem problem with TV Philips 42pus ... And the remote RF don't work with playbase ...
If you have a solution :?
Same thing here with a Vizio M50-D1 connected to a Verizon FIOS STB. I need to change the channel to get the sound back. I have double-checked the HDMI and TosLink cable connections and everything is fully seated. I even swapped out the TosLink and HDMI cables...just to be sure.
Couple of recommendations for all of you, if you would allow me.

1) Make sure that your TV has the latest firmware updates on it. Same thing with your Sonos speakers.

2) Try connecting the optical cable to whatever device is driving the TV at the time. I would guess we're talking about a cable box or satellite box, both of which should have an optical out. If the sound is stable, you've isolated the issue to the TV, if it isn't, we can continue to look at the Sonos as a possible issue.

3) Within 10 minutes of you getting one of those dropouts, can you [url=]submit a system diagnostic[/url and post the number here? That would give a Sonos employee an opportunity to look at some of the log files from your system, and perhaps come up with a more definitive answer for you.
I am having the same problem with a Sony KDL - 55NX810 and a Verizon Fios cable box. I had a Yamaha sound bar with the same set up for years with out any problems.

Did you follow any of my recommendations?

Here is a corrected link for submitting a diagnostic:

I did submit a diagnostic to a Sonos tech rep and I currently have the Play Bar hooked up directly to the cable box to see if that makes a difference.
I'd be interested in what your experience is with that configuration. It's certainly not a permanent thing, I'd hope, but would help identify if the issue is with the TV.

By the way, I used to have a Sony myself, and at one point needed to apply a firmware update to it. It was before "smart" TVs, and required me to download to a USB stick, and then connect that stick to the TV. Was kind of a pain, but it did resolve some other issues I was having. I've since replaced that TV with something newer, a Vizio, which I'm pleased to say not only updates directly from the internet, but also has no significant issues.

Hope you get a response from someone at Sonos on that diagnostic soon!
This is one of the newer Sony TVs and it does update from the internet automatically (it is connected to my wifi). Hopefully everything is resolved quickly.
Thanks, Jim
I had a vey similar issue and in the end I found out it was related to my Sky Q Box - a simple switch off at the mains, wait 3/4 minutes and then turn on again to re-set and reboot the systems sorted the problem.
I have a Samsung 65" Quantum Dot 4K Smart TV, bought about 9 months ago, and the sound to my Sonos Playbase is directly connected to the TV. We only use the apps on the television (no cable box) and the sound consistently cuts out for a split second every 5 minutes or so. It's enough to be extremely irritating and not at all what the Sonos experience should be. Considering this issue is being seen by many people over several different brands of televisions and types of output devices, the problem lies with Sonos. Please help.
I just got the playbase for Christmas and I experience the same issue connected directly to sony smart tv. Please help.:@

I haven’t done a good test, but my issue seems to be resolved by connecting the playbase by Ethernet, and changing the other speakers connections to SonosNet. Look into how to do that and it should work out. Let us know if it doesn’t.