TV Setup and Control in APP

  • 5 February 2017
  • 2 replies

I can't find where the settings choices here are explained..i.e. What does the TV Autoplay do? What does the choice "Ungroup on Autoplay" do?

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2 replies

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"AutoPlay" and "ungroup" are simple functions:

ungroup removes the PlayBar from any other devices it is grouped with (so the TV audio doesn't go over those devices) Note this ungrouping is NOT the same as unbonding a 5.1 set... a 5.1 'bonded' set of speakers will simply act like once device and all operate together... (The PlayBar, SUB, and Surround speakers).

AutoPlay is exactly what it says... when you turn on a TV and a digital signal is detected by the PlayBar from the optical port, it will stop whatever audio it was playing and use the Optical port as the source for what it plays.
Good clear explanation from @SHARKB8T. For more useful info there's the Playbar Product Guide.