Tv remote controller does not control sound played from apple tv to playbar

I have a samsung tv + playbar connected via optical + apple tv via hdmi to tv.
When I watch tv my remote controller is able to control the volume of the playbar, when I switch to my apple tv, I hear the sound from the apple tv on my playbar, but the remote controller is not able to control the volume. Which is strange as I do see the sound icon on the tv responding, but the white light on the play bar does not blink. The only way to adjust the volume now is, using the sonos app on my phone....

Has somebody solved this issue?

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Hello there, Ghandalf. If you are still having problems with this, please feel free to reach back out. Do you have one of the new Apple TV 4K models? Some customers in the Community with a similar problem had to change a setting in the Apple TV to "control the receiver by IR" and not set to Auto (which it is by default).

Please feel free to reach out should the issues persist.


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