TV Audio Stops Intermittently with Soundbar Setup

  • 7 September 2017
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I have four Vizio displays (P75, 2x P65, M65) each connected to a Playbar setup (with Sub + Amp, with Sub + Play:1s, with Sub, solo) and each setup will experience intermittent audio outage where the only course of action is to turn the display off and then back on.

The displays connect to their Playbar via optical and the sound source is connected to the display via HDMI. Audio out on the display is set to Dolby 5.1 which passes just fine. All audio sources connected, such as Apple TV or PS4, can be affected.

I have been using the Playbar for a long time and prior to the Vizio displays I had used a 2011 Samsung display and never experienced this issue, in fact the Samsung is still setup with a Soundbar and works just fine. I began experiencing these issues about a year ago when I added the first P65 to my system. So I have experienced this over multiple releases of Sonos software as well as Vizio software, all of which is up to date.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Searches revealed similar but not identical situations.



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2 replies

I do have this issue, very occasionally, on the Vizio in my bedroom, which is an M series of several years ago, either 42 or 50 inch, I don't recall off hand. What I end up doing to "fix" it is to change to a non-HD channel, and then after a moment, back to the HD channel. What I'm guessing it is is an issue with Vizio not properly initiating the Dolby Digital signal on the optical out, and so the Sonos goes silent.

Since you've checked the firmware, the only other suggestion I would have is to try the new beta for the PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE, which can be done by posting a diagnostic in this thread:
Bruce, thanks for your reply. I have switched between Apple TV and PS4 inputs (I don't have any channels) and there is no change. So far with everything I have done turning off/on the display is all that works.

Another thing to note is that the Playbar that I used with my Samsung for years prior to adding the Vizio displays is now setup with one of the Vizio displays and the Samsung has a new Playbar. The old Playbar that did work has the audio problems with the Vizio and the Samsung with a different Playbar is just fine.