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  • 11 January 2017
  • 11 replies

Hey guys, I just bought and setup my Play:5 also got a line in to connect to my smart tv.. awesome so sweet. However my slight issue is that the sound is great and comes out when on the line in using a tv channel but when I go to use the Netflix app on the tv there is no sound.. has anyone ever come across this or can suggest ways of trouble shooting

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11 replies

Hi. What connection on the TV are you using for the line out?
It rather depends where you are taking the sound from, but the Play:5 is not designed to be a TV speaker (the Playbar is). If the sound coming out to the P:5 is stereo for the TV channel (very likely) then the P:5 will be fine. But if Netflix is multichannel sound like DD5.1 the P:5 won't be able to deal with it. You can probably adjust your TV audio settings to output stereo, which might solve the problem.
Thanks John, I have the line out being digital optical and it passes through a converter to a 3.5mm aux
Make model of converter? Is it capable of extracting stereo from a 5.1 source?
The company I bought it from said it could, I've attached a photo for you John. Don't have a model number though
Hi. That appears to be a PRO SIGNAL PSG03518 Digital PCM to Analogue Audio Converter. The fact that it says PCM and doesn't include the word "extractor" suggests to me that it probably doesn't deal with a 5.1 signal. I haven't been able to establish that for sure.

But you need to go into your TV's audio settings, find the settings for optical out, and set the format to PCM (or stereo) if you can.

Please let us know how it goes.
So my tv and all hd channels work, I might have to take it back to the supplier and change it. What do you suggest it should be?
Have you changed the TV settings and has it not worked? I would expect TV channels to be ok as they are stereo to start with.
So I did manage to change the settings and Dolby digital and dts would not work but pcm would, does this mean the converter is wrong type?
Well yes and no. You are only ever going to get stereo out of the P:5 so if you can achieve this for Netflix with the PCM setting that's as good as you will get. And on a quick look round there are lots of devices that will extract stereo from HDMI, but I couldn't see anything for optical. Setting output to PCM is the solution, not an experiment, if it gives you sound for all sources.
Sweet thanks John, you've been awesome helping out with this.. I'll just have to save up for a sound bar next