Tv audio cutting out

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Diagnostics code 7358177. I've had issues with TV audio cutting out when I grouped other zones to my TV audio, such as grouping my family room playbar with my kitchen or deck zones. But this week I'm having issues with my playbar and play 1's (3.1 setup) which is in the same room as my router. I don't have a high amount of wifi devices so I doubt interference is the problem. Looking for help! My environment hasn't changed at all so I don't understand the new problems. It's killing me and my experience! Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I've reviewed your diagnostic and found high levels of wireless interference. At the moment your Sonos is using channel 11 to communicate with each other.
Would you mind testing the other two channels 1 and 6 for about 20mins each? Here's how:

Let us know how it goes.
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New diagnostic code 7371374.

I changed my router channel a few times 1, 6, 11 and haven't had any luck with it improving. I then unplugged a 4G network extender that was a few feet from my router and about 15 feet from the playbar. I have the playbar with 2 play 1's and feel the play 1s cut out a lot. Very frustrating! Thoughts?
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Latest code 7372909.

I unplugged the play 1's to see if this was causing interference since one of them was close to the router. The cutting out is STILL happening. I really don't understand why this all of a sudden happened. I was a HUGE fan of Sonos, I have several zones, spent thousands of dollars and used to be extremely satisfied. Now it's a much different story.
Hi. The problem will be with your network or environment in some way, not with Sonos itself. In 99.9% of such cases that is how it turns out. The best thing would be to call Sonos Support. If necessary they can remote access your system and see exactly what is happening, and work with you to resolve it.
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Thanks John. I've tried calling them. Usually an hour wait and the one time I got someone live they told me to change the channels, 1,6,11 and nothing changed. He also said I may have to hard wire the playbar to my router which would cause a real PITA job to set it up cleanly. My environment hasn't changed so I don't know why this started.