Tv audio carrys on playing

  • 12 December 2019
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I’ve had a Beam for nearly a week now, although I think it’s brilliant I have a small problem which I don’t think is the Beams fault but when I shut the tv down it all goes off for about 10 seconds and then the audio starts again from the tv channel I was watching previously with no picture so the tv is off.

The tv is a LG Oledb955pla and I originally connected the beam through the hdmi arc but have since reconnected through the optical and it seems fine But I would like to connect through the hdmi for voice control.

I have been into the tv sound settings and am sure they are all set ok

Any suggestions much appreciated tia.



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4 replies

That’s really odd. Is the Beam connected to the TV, or something else?

I would certainly start by checking for software updates on the TV. Under the assumption that the Beam is indeed connected to the TV, and not the cable box, it seems as though the TV isn’t properly turning off the optical output. Perhaps running the update would fix that issue, but you may want to contact LG and ask them.

I can’t see any particular reason why you shouldn’t connect by HDMI-ARC, if this TV has it, especially after updating the TV’s software. Why did you switch to optical in the first place? Sometimes, there are good reasons not to do so, for instance if you’re also trying to connect Bluetooth headphones, where you end up fighting the HDMI-CEC spec, which doesn’t support two forms of audio playback. 

The tv is up to date on updates,I watch tv through freesat straight from a dish into the tv tuner.

I went over to optical to stop this problem as it could carry on for a while and we turn off the tv at bedtime.

Nothing else is connected to the tv only the Beam.


I’d be contacting LG about the issue, then. The Sonos plays what’s handed to it, it has no concept of the state of the TV.

Or try connecting via HDMI-ARC, and see if that resolves the problem. 

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Maybe see if the TV has a “fast boot” option that is keeping the audio on, setting it to slow boot / power saver mode might help.

I’d complain to LG too!