tv arc to sonos amp sound cuts off every 10-15seconds

  • 27 November 2021
  • 1 reply

My setup/

samsung tv (2016) using hdmi arc to Sonos Amp with two speakers ( stereo setup only).

using anything from tv with arc audio signal keeps dropping/freezing every 10-15 s for 0.5s.

really annoying!

no probs using airplay to streat music so its definetely ARC issue.

using decent Belkin hdmi cable.

My question - is there a posibility that I need high bandwich hdmi cable?


thank you




1 reply

Two suggestions. First, check the TV to see if the software can be updated. Second, it is faintly possible that your cable isn’t fast enough, but rather unlikely. In general, you should use the one that came with the Arc. If you’re using your own cable, make sure it’s at least HDMI 1.4, and high speed should be better, but not required.