Turntable static/horrible sound when Port + Arc

  • 22 September 2022
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I have connected my Audio Technical AT-LP120 turntable which has built in preamp to my Port and then linked the Port to the Arc but the sound quality is very full of static and sounds horrible.  Had no issues using this turntable with my old receiver and stereo speakers.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 




7 replies

It would be unusual to have ‘static’, as the Port communicates digitally with the Arc. Does your turntable have a built in pre-amp that is turned on, and have you adjusted the line in settings properly?

The built in preamp is set to on.  I’ve tried adjusting multiple line in settings on the sonos app but nothing seems to improve the sound quality 

I’d flip that switch a few times, just to be sure the contacts aren’t corroded, which I’ve seen before, albeit rarely. I’d also double check the seating of the cables, and frankly, try another set of cables. 

And if none of that made a difference, I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and call Sonos Support to discuss it. Who knows, it would be rare, but it could be a case of some sort of wifi interference between the Port and the ARC and the data in the diagnostic might be telling. Although ‘static’ is not something I’d ever think about digital transmission. 

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

As a quick test disable the preamp. The level will be dramatically reduced and the equalization will be wrong, but I’m curious about the “static” at this point.

When you say the pre-amp is “on”, what is the switch actually set to?  I seem to recall the choices are “LINE” and “PHONO”.  It should be set to “LINE”.

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To add to comments given….If the cables on your TT are not hardwired…try resetting them between it and the Port. Also, make sure the TT cables are not running along side a power supply or electrical cables.

There is no generally used definition of “static”. Often “static” is used to describe sound that is simply not right. Just as there are a range of automobile engine noises and an experienced mechanic can distinguish causes by listening to the noise, a driver simply reporting “engine noise” does not lead to a quick, accurate remote diagnosis.

That said, if the turntable has been sitting for a while after being stored and moved, the stylus force, cartridge alignment, or arm bearing could be out of adjustment. Or the stylus could be damaged. Any of these out of sort details can resort in bad sound.