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I am trying to start a post, and am getting a message that the post contains content or characters that cannot be posted. Nothing close to profanity in the message, or any characters that could be perceived that way.

Got a hint what the problem might be with the post? I obviously cannot put the post up here - I expect I would have the same problems. It's about (what else?) connection issues.

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There's been a spat of spammers recently, which has caused Sonos to tighten up on the filter for posts. It's not a precise science, the filter provided by the makers of the board software, so it occasionally gets a bit tight in it's interpretation.

Try posting just a narrative, without numbers, or weblink, and see if that goes through. Alternately, I think I remember that when I ran afoul of that system, there was a "we'll hold on to this until it is checked and then it will be visible" option, perhaps wait for that? It shouldn't be a long wait, I would think, this being a Monday morning on the West Coast, where some of their folks work.
Thanks I'll try without numbers ...
it was the diagnostic numbers! or the way I had formatted the anyway ...
So, I'm anxious to read it, and help if it's something that I think I understand (there are many issues that I tend to shy away from and allow others who are significantly more experienced and knowledgeable than I). 🙂 I'll go look.
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I figured this out the hard way, trial and error but my solution isn't hard.

Take a screenshot of the offending info and post that. 🆒