trouble with reseting play 5 gen1

  • 20 March 2021
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Hello everyone,

I just purchased an extra sonos play 5(gen 1) second hand for my system (I have 2 other play 5 and one play3, all gen1), I’m trying to factory reset it but I cannot get the light to blink white and orange. When I plug in the spreaker, the white light goes on for 5 seconds and then turns itself off after. It does that wheter or not I attempt to do a factory reset.

Of course the sonos app does not recognise it, even when plugged directly on the router.

Any help would be very appreciated!


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3 replies

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It is possible the device was deliberately bricked as a part of the original Recycle program. If you hardwire it you can use my iOS app (see profile) to see if it has been recycled or not. My app can find any Sonos device on the networkeven when they have been recycled.

Have you followed these steps to factory reset the speaker?

Yes indeed, hence my question here. The weird thing that makes me think of a hardware issue is that the speakers behavior does not change whether or not I keep the mute  button pushed upon plugging in the sonos

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Have you followed these steps to factory reset the speaker?