Trouble with one speaker - Play:5

  • 7 January 2017
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I have 3 zones.....
A: tv room with sub, soundbar, two Play:3
B: Office - with 2 old Play:5
C: Other room with 1 Play:1

In my office I have a Booster, router etc.....

3 meters away from my booster and 3 meters away from my router I have 2 old Play:5. The oldest of my Play:5 mess up my system. It makes the two paired speakers fall out. If I un pair them it still falls out. When the speaker is paid or not-pairs it can mess up the other speakers - even the surround system etc.
There is no pattern - it can play nicely for hours - days or sometimes even weeks - and then suddenly the speaker jams i for the other speakers on the network.

I have tried the setup at two friends houses with other Sonos Zones and after a while the problems begins again....

Ohhhh yes - we indeed have tried resetting all systems starting all over again and resetting ALL speakers again....

By now I have no expectations to solving this problem.... My question is: Can the speaker in any way be repaired? There is no longer warranty on the speaker but I'd like a stereo pair again at my office. I bought the second Play:5 speaker just as the new and updated - and more expensive - Play:5 was announced...... So I'd prefer a repair instead of two new expensive Play:5-speakers.....

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4 replies

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Hello and welcome to the Sonos community,

Lets check a few things first:

Is your Boost at least a meter from the router?
Do you have any cordless phones close to the speakers or Boost?
Are you sure all of your speakers are on SonosNet?

Is your SonosNet and Wifi on different channels?

Next submit diagnostic code here. Post the number here and a Sonos rep will pull your report.
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Sorry wrong link above

To check if on SonosNet
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Yes - there are almost 2 meters between my router and my boost. We have tried using a bridge also and tried connecting it directly to the route with same results - on two completely different networks - that is why I suspect the speaker is kind of broken.
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I'll send ind the diagnostic report in a few days.....:)