Trouble with indexing using Music app on Mac

  • 10 June 2020
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I’ve never had an issue with Sonos until recently. In the past I have played music stored on my Mac and through Apple Music streaming with no issue.

I’ve just bought a new Mac and last night ripped a handful of albums from CD- remastered discs so imported as WAVs. Using Music app on Mac to rip.

Despite the correct file path and updating of the library, Sonos cannot see artist or album and therefore the whole system is useless (or at least it will be if I rip more than ten discs). This has never been a problem in the past but it is now. The songs are there, as I can see them in the ‘recently added’ imported playlists. I’ve checked the path, updated library etc. etc. to no avail.

I spent over 90 minutes on the phone to to support and at the end of that was still unable to resolve. Told it was an issue with Music as the 'tags' required for indexing have not copied. I don't understand this as the folder hierarchy in Music makes perfect sense. Seemed to me that customer supports suggestion was that I would need to make playlists in Music and then import them which would be time-consuming and something I'm not prepared to do, given the premium cost of Sonos products. 

The app does not do what is supposed to do. Support has escalated my problem and I *really* hope that a return call is forthcoming but, in the meantime, am hoping that someone on here can offer a quick resolution?

Many thanks is advance.

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