Trouble since last upgrade

Won't play complete song, skips after a short way threw song

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same problem again music cutting out and no controls again. same thing happened last month.

It looks like you submitted a diagnostic report recently. In that report I see that there are a few wireless networks in close range running on the same channel as your own. This is likely the cause of the issues. If you have control over the Sarjeff network, you may want to switch it and the hidden network over to a different wireless channel, and check to make sure that it is not set to automatically switch wireless channels.

If you don't have access to that device, it looks like channel 6 is a cleaner channel in your area. If the other devices nearby are set to automatically switch their channels, this will only be a temporarily fix.

It may be a better idea to switch over to the SonosNet BOOST setup. By wiring in one Sonos unit to your network with an ethernet cable, your Sonos units will switch over to a dedicated network just for your speakers. If it's not convenient to wire in a speaker, you can use a BOOST instead.
need help fixing this problem because system is useless the way it is. Always bragged about the quality of my Sonos system but that has stopped because its now a paper weight. Mgoody
I am having the same problem, skipping to the next song in the middle of a song playing on my iPhone 8. Problem started after last update. Extremely frustrated! Obviously this is a Sonos software issue seemingly linked to the last update. How Sonos can continue to ignore this and tell everyone to do the same troubleshooting/fix with everyone reporting that it doesn't work is beyond ridiculous. There are several threads regarding this same issue so it's difficult to determine if anyone has discovered the cause and/or any potential solution (although I did see a reference to an airplay conflict). It's not a wireless interference issue (my router and speakers haven't moved) unless the update has created a wireless interference issue. I get there is an incentive to add features, but if the speakers can't do the basic thing, stream audio from my phone, then it is useless to me. Please provide an update to fix the problem.
I've also been having this problem since update 9. Occasional probs before but my Sonos has not played a song all the way through since update 9 - nearly 3 months. I've had dialogue with Sonos via Messenger - submitted may diagnostics - just nothing works. I feel this system is now not fit for purpose - with Customer Service not being helpful. The Airplay update is causing a conflict. Sonos - you need to sort this out. I'd hoped update 9.1 would fix this but no.
6 AUGUST 14:21

Hey there! I've been experiencing problems with Sonos - songs skipping and cutting out - It's happened now and then over the last 4 years of owning - but I change the wifi channel on the app and things tend to sort out. The last 4 weeks have been really bad - I have used the trouble shooting video, but nothing seems to helps - songs stop, fade out, skip. help! ?
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
Hi Colin, thanks for reaching out. We can certainly take a look at this with you. When you are playing music and notice the audio dropout, are you playing from music stored on your device or a streaming service?
Can you send a diagnostic about 2-3 minutes after audio cuts out, and reply with the confirmation number? Steps here
Sure - I'm playing from my iphone
I'm playing now and it's skipping like mad!
the no is 842989789
been skipping again... so 1429566875
Thanks, Colin. We're seeing a few different things here. First, there seems to be a good amount of interference around your Bridge. If this is sitting very close to your router or another device, try to place a bit more space between them (three feet is typically sufficient).

We're also noticing that all the players are currently grouped to the "Bathroom" Play:1, which has the worst signal of your Sonos units currently. We'd recommend ungrouping them, and then grouping to the Living Room, which has a much stronger connection. When grouping, just hit "group" next to this player first.

Once you've made these changes, please test playback again. Please also test a music service, such as Spotify or Radio By TuneIn, and let us know if the same issue occurs.
OK thanks - I'll give it a go and get back to you.
I'll need to buy a longer ethernet cable for the sonos bridge to move it away from the router
Great, much obliged.
7 AUGUST 18:39

Hi there - I'd changed the grouping to have the lounge first, and I've moved the sonos bridge as far as the power and ethernet cable will allow me... it's not as bad as it was but I'm still encountering stops and skips. Latest diagnostic no is 380427419. Thanks, Colin
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
Thanks for making those changes Colin. We can see that there is an improvement on how well Sonos is responding on the network and how the Bridge is broadcasting better. As a test, can you play a radio station from TuneIn radio for at least 5-7 minutes? We'd like to know if the same audio drops occur or if the music is able to play without issue. If there is a room that seems to be struggling to keep up, let us know and please submit a diagnostic if the drops continue.
Hi there - I've been playing the radio now for about 15/20 mins and no issues
diagnostic for this period is 465952156
Hi there - so back to trying a playlist from my iphone, and the skipping is back = 1512481930
I don't know if it's anything to due with the iphone screen locking - since the latest update you can't control Sonos from the iphone lock screen
I had Sonos controller up on the mac and while it was skipping the messages on the mac screen said sonos cannot reach iphone
Thanks, Colin. With so many WiFi networks around you, playback from the phone can end up being very troublesome. When playing from a music service like TuneIn it eliminates the need for the phone to have a strong connection. There are a couple of main options: Google Play Music allows you to upload x amount of songs and play them from their service. The amount depends on a free or paid account. There is Apple Music which requires a subscription but syncs all of your music automatically to be played from the cloud to Sonos.

There are other options for hosting the music on a computer and sharing it from there. Computers typically have much stronger and more stable network connections.

There is another issue with the new Airplay functionality that the phone looks for Airplay devices and can cause the songs to skip while it does. The workaround for that would be to turn off Airplay on the compatible Airplay players in the house. Your phone is seeing 4 of them, so this is probably not ideal.
This has been quite an issue since the last update where your Airplay functionality was introduced (and losing the lock screen control). Perhaps something for your developers to look into? It's not practical for me to turn off all the airplay items in the house every day. Hopefully my enjoyment of sonos won't decrease. I've been a user for 4 years and this latest update has been detrimental in my enjoyment of the system
Taking a deeper look into things, we're currently tracking an issue where AirPlay devices are intermittently interfering with playback on iPhone libraries. As a test, power off any AirPlay-enabled devices, and start playback again. Please let us know if the issue persists while these devices are powered off.

If not, we can assure you that we are looking into this issue, and we can inform you once we have more information.
Ok - thanks for your help so far, Cheers!
12 AUGUST 17:00

Hey there - can you please look into this : 13938080
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
The problems I'm having with Sonos now are really frustrating
Songs skip over and over
Your latest update has created an update that does not work for me and many other users
The advice to turn off all my airplays devices is not practical
Please help
I now have a product that is incredibly frustrating and not fit for purpose
Hi Colin, it looks like we last spoke a few days ago regarding the issue. At this time, our team is investigating a correlation between AirPlay devices and audio interruptions when playing from "On this iPhone". For now, the best work around would be to disable AirPlay and other third party AirPlay end points within your home. We're happy to try to identify the devices with you and see if there are any other options as far as your content goes.

If you listen to a lot of Podcasts, you can share them to Sonos with Music Library. Or you can look into uploading them to a cloud service, such as Google Play or PLEX. You could also take advantage of Pocketcasts as well, which would stream the podcasts with a buffer. You can also share your music through Music Library, Google Play or PLEX to bypass the iOS device entirely.

Another option would be to stream the music from your phone to an AirPlay Sonos player. We've found this option to be a viable work around in the mean time.
Hi. I don’t have an AirPlay Sonos
When will a fix be in place
By all means help me identify the device that may be interfering.
Re the device I play
My music and playlists are on my iPhone
Your update is creating the issue so please work on a speedy fix
It’s been about 5 weeks of this now
16 AUGUST 16:36

Hi there - I've not had a response to my comments above - could I have an update?
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
I have a new diagnostic no for you 821172872
The streaming from my iphone is not better
you've not come back to support identifying the airplay device(s) causing the interference
Every time I use Sonos now songs skip or stop
I've spent of £800 on sonos products
Since your last update introducing AirPlay functionality it has caused your product to not be fit for the purpose I purchased it
You should be prioritising an update to solve this issue
Asking me to turn off all airplay products in the house is not an acceptable solution
Cheers ? Colin
19 AUGUST 14:10

hi there - I've still had no reply - and the system has not played one song through without stopping and skipping all morning.... 1785064738
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
I've had no reply on Sunday, nor Thursday. Frustrating! Ta
Hello, Colin. We understand the frustration this has caused and our teams are actively looking into this further, but we don’t have any other details to share.

Once we know more, we’ll be more than happy to pass along an update.
SAT 18:23

Hi there. i was pleased to see an update this week but unfortunatley it has not resolved the issues I am experiencing. New diagnostic : 1630003973
Thanks for messaging us Colin. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.
Seen by Sonos at Saturday 18:23
I've not had one single day of a seamless experience in sonos since update 9 was issued causing the conflict with Airplay equipment.

It feels that my sonos kit is now redundant - a waste of almost £1000

I am not happy and would like to now how long I need to wait for this to be resolved or what solutions Sonos will offer me

Thanks, Colin ?
Just received an email with CASE CLOSED. Erm... no it's not - I didn't even get a reply. Can't get through on the phone, emails not getting answered. Sonos - your customer care is appalling.
Bought Boost. Set it up. Issue still happening.
I do think the common denominator is the latest update. I've been in touch with Sonos Support about this. We've tried everything - problem still occurring. Apparently Sonos Boost may solve the problem, but I'm still dubious. Latest update seems to have messed things up for iPhone use. iPad and MacBook working fine.
Viv, I've discovered that if I set my iPhone screenlock to never autolock then Sonos can communicate with the phone, no skipping. All the bullshit reasons I had, Sonos to new wifi, too much interference etc - I suspected it was Sonos *not talking* to the iPhone. Now I set my phone to never lock and leave it open around the house when listening to Sonos. SO SONOS, are you listening... sort it out! We shouldn't have to find about these work arounds. Sort it out!
After a long rigmarole, we discovered that it's the AirPlay on Apple TV. Switching it off on AppleTV sorts the problem. Not ideal if someone else wants to use that function while someone else wants to use their phone and speakers in another room. This really needs to be sorted by Sonos. This has only been an issue since the introduction of Upgrade 9, plus i didn't need to buy Sonos Boost!
Dear Sonos
Please help, I have been using sonos products for a couple of years and have very little complaints but you need to fix this!

Don't tell me to try any of the suggestions in this thread because i have already tried them, here is a detailed account of my problem.
Using the latest software updates on all the products while playing a song on my iPhone XR, also happened on my iPhone 6, the song will play through about 80 to 90% then skip to the next song in my playlist. I am playing the songs from playlists i made in ITunes that have been downloaded to my phone.This does not happen when i play them via bluetooth to other speakers so I know my playlist is not damaged. The network is fine due to the fact that I have no problems with playing other media, amazon, pandora, etc.
So whats up Sonos!
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Hi everyone,

At this time playback from the storage of an iOS device will likely have interruptions if you have any non-Sonos AirPlay devices active on your network. If you want to play from your iOS device's storage, you can either disable AirPlay on any non-Sonos devices, or you can disable auto lock in your iOS settings menu under display and brightness. If you have audio interruptions from any other source, there is something else going on. This guide should help you troubleshoot.

My advice is to bypass the issue entirely by downloading your music library to a computer or NAS drive, then setting up a music share. This will allow you to play your music library, using any device as a controller, when there are non-Sonos AirPlay devices active on your network, and even when your phone goes into auto lock, or offline entirely.
Hi @Jeff S

Can you let us know what Sonos is doing to resolve the issue created by update 9 and how long it is going to take?

It's been over 6 months since the upgrade and still issues without notice of customer care? It's very frustrating having spent £ on lots of kit for it to not work as it used to prior to update 9.

Cheers, C
Songs and podcasts played from my iPhone X (but not streaming from Pandora) stop and return to the start point (podcasts - this is very annoying) or skip to the next track before being done playing which makes playing a full album particularly frustrating. It looks like Sonos has been trying to solve this with inconvenient work-arounds for months (shut off the phone’s sleep/security setting or go around your house and shut off Airplay on other devices). Again, as said by many others, it turns a great product into a frustrating source of annoyance. The real work-around for us has been to play directly from the device and/or use another Bluetooth speaker. It’s a real shame.
Just got Beam, (2) Play:1, and Sub. Great for playing surround for TV. But using Google Play on Samsung Note 8 cuts off 40 to 50 seconds off end of song then moves onto next song. Xfinity Internet is rock solid, have tried late at night when I am only one up and still does same thing. So would be only device active on internet. Have reset internet. Please help, this really sucks!
Diagnostic Report No.116710054