Trouble playing 2 zone simultaneously

  • 12 March 2016
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I have had a Sonos system for a few years and for the past few weeks I can no longer play 2 zones at the same time. If I switch one on, the other one where music is playing (whatever the source) is stopping. The only thing that has changed has been a new BT Hub router in the home, giving us faster broadband. Any idea on what to do? i have tried to reset the system a few times, both the router and the various Sonos components (we have a Sonos Connect and a Sonos Amp). Thanks in advance for any tip or suggestion. Frederic

6 replies

I would turn off all your network components, then turn them on first with router, then sonos units, then everything else one by one. If still trouble I would contact support, submit diagnostic right after you have the drop out.
Changing routers will always need a network reboot to eliminate IP conflicts. Do as advised above and all should be well.
Thank you for the tips but I have rebooted a few times and I still have the same issue of not being able to play music in 2 zones simultaneously....
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I'd be happy to take a closer look at the system if you can try playing some music and have this issue come up, then go ahead and submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system. You can reply back here with your confirmation number.
I have the same exact problem.
i have done all my updates.
What is the solution?
Taking the action outlined in the post previous to yours?