Trouble pairing Samsung Smart Remote with Playbar

  • 7 November 2016
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Long time listener first time caller, honestly ashamed I couldn't figure it out, sooo here I am... I recently purchased a Samsung KS8000 4K SUHD television. I have a Sonos playbar and sub system in the room as my audio to support my Samsung Television, Samsung Blu Ray and Google Fiber Cable Box. Everything is working just fine in terms of audio availability on all devices output via the Sonos speakers, but I can only control the audio volume from the app on my mobile phone. While this sounds cool it reminds me of the guys in the airport who only use the phone apps to scan their ticket, never fails watching the guy fumble around trying to get the phone back on as it timed out and the app is nowhere to be found and so on and so on, 3 minutes later we continue boarding... I digress... I use that analogy because now I am that guy, fumbling around with my phone while the volume is blasting, when I could have easily just turned it down using my trusted Samsung Smart remote (paper ticket in my analogy). I have tried the to synch the remote using the Samsung television on screen process/instructions, which works great for the other two hardware (cable box and Bluray), but for whatever reason I cannot for the life of me synch this remote with the Playbar. I believe everything is connect properly (cord wise) as again, the audio works fine, its just getting the volume up/down control to work with this stubborn remote. Curious if anyone has solved this problem and what the steps are that I should be going thru to synch this up. Appreciate in advance any help.

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2 replies

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I don't think your remote has any IR capability. I would have to look up your exact model but if the remote won't send IR and the tv doesn't have a blaster cable output to send IR then you can't control the playbar volume with that remote.

You can setup an old universal remote or just any old TV remote lying around the house to control the playbar though. Example: If you have a cable box remote just set it up to control any TV at all and then you can use that remote to control the playbar volume.
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The most Orwellian name for a remote evah.