Trouble connecting / grouping speakers after switching to Eero wifi

  • 25 March 2017
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I have one Play:3 speaker, four Play:1 speakers, and a Connect add-on. I've had them all set up and working well for over a year using a Boost-centric setup because the wifi only covered part of my house. About 2 months ago, I took my Sonos with me on a trip and set all of my speakers up for an event (successfully), then brought them home and set them up again in my home. However, at the same time I switched to an Eero wifi mesh network which now reaches through the whole house and turned off the Boost. At first everything worked very well through the whole house, for about 2 months all of my speakers played well together. Then some of the speakers got in a weird mode where a few specific speakers show up in the list, however they are unable to be grouped in with others. Over the past few days, I have done a factory reset of each speaker, done a reset of my controllers, and re-added each speaker one-by-one. I've done that a few times over. Some times I'm actually unable to add new speakers as they give the message "unable to connect, please retry" even though the speaker is clearly close enough to the wifi. Finally after multiple times of restarting and updating and resetting and updating, I was able to connect them all, however I ended up in the setting again where I had a few speakers that can play individually, however were unable to be grouped with other speakers. That was last night, and this morning again some of the speakers are now not listed in the speaker list. Right now, when I open the controller app on my iphone i only see 4 speakers (all of the Play:1 speakers) and when I open the controller app on my Mac I only see two if the Play:1 speakers along with the Connect. The Play:3 is currently unable to connect.

Here's a diagnostic number from my iphone: 7225610
Here's a diagnostic number from my desktop: 7225420

Thank you for your help in this!


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1 reply

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Hello mbitbb! I can help with that. After looking at your diagnostics I see that while everything is working correctly on the Eero network some units are not being detected despite being on the same node as the other rooms which leads me to believe a protocol is not being passed correctly between the units, the app, and Eero.

What I want you to do is reboot your whole Eero system and see if you regain connectivity to Sonos across all controllers. If you do monitor the system for a couple of days and let me know if anything happens.

If the issue persists, wire one unit to the main Eero node and reboot all the Sonos units