Transfer playlist on Sonos when you change your music service?

I used to have Deezer but have now got Amazon Music on my Sonos, I saved all my playlists in my Sonos app but now they are all greyed out and wont play on Amazon music. Is there any way to transfer them so they play via Amazon music now?

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I have similar dilemma... Many of our playlist were created with Pandora content. We recently subscribed to Amazon Music (and still have Pandora). We prefer Amazon. So, we're looking to drop Pandora... I very much don't want to re-create all of my playlist content. Therefore, I'm hopeful someone can tell us how to switch a playlist over to a different music service provider.
This is not a Sonos issue. There are utiliities out there for transferring playlists between streaming services. Google it.
Playlist translators can work with on-service playlists but won't help with Sonos Playlists, which are queue snapshots. The entries in the list are links to tracks on the relevant service. Remove the service from Sonos and those links will obviously break.
And in fact I suspect that even for in service playlists, if your subscription has ended it is too late. Not totally sure of that though. Incidentally, Sonos playlists are stored on the speakers not in the app. But the relevant point is that made by @ratty - links to songs you are no longer entitled to access are not going to play.


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