tracks skipping, stopping and rooms going missing

  • 12 October 2019
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I have two play 3s, sub and play bar in the main lounge, a beam in the next room and a play 1 in the kitchen and the bedroom upstairs and I am constantly experiencing jumping, skipping and stopping especially when I group more than 1 room together. I have a wi fi extender which is down stairs in the hallway fairly close to the play 3s so not sure if this is causing interference. I have changed the sonos channel and router channel but seems solved for a bit and then same thing happens.

Your confirmation number is: 2039750880.

Can Sonos take a look mat my report and let me know what I need to do? I also yesterday submitted mny feedback on the SONOS Beta survey via email

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2 replies

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The Sonos Support folks can look at that diagnostic but there is little official activity from them here on weekends and they may miss it on Monday. I'd recommend one of the 24x7 direct support options on the contact page or waiting for Monday and calling it in.

They may not be happy with the extender as many of them cause issues.

If you want comments from other users give us the details of your Sonos setup and see if anyone has an idea.
Couple of things.

This isn't a beta community. If you're running a beta build of Sonos, there's likely to be somewhere else to be reporting this issue.

Also, this is a weekend, and the Community moderator coverage is fairly sparse. You may want to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss that diagnostic, as the community itself doesn't have access to it.

Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.

Now, with those points covered, it sure seems like your description fits pretty much exactly with wifi interference. While there's a lot of data in that FAQ, I'd start by checking that wifi extender. The first thing I'd do is actually unplug it and see if that fixes things. If it does, then yes, you're getting interference from it.

You didn't mention, so I'm unsure as to whether your speakers are all on your wifi, or one (or more) of them are wired directly to the router. So, there's some additional things to be looking at. First, the extender needs to be on the same channel as your regular router. Second, if you do have a Sonos speaker wired, you need to go in to the Sonos contorller and set the SonosNet channel to one that's not being used by your router and extender.

In general, Sonos speakers don't work particularly well with a lot of extenders, they're not recommended by Sonos for use. Some people use them without issue, however, so what's "easiest" for Sonos may not be for you. I generally recommend a wired (SonosNet) network, which allows the speakers to set up their own mesh network, separate from your wifi, which tends to be a better solution. Just not in every situation, there's nothing in this world that's 100% except death and taxes :)

Anyway, hope this rambling has been somewhat helpful. If you contact Sonos support directly, rather than waiting for a Community Moderator to have time to pick up your diagnostic, it would be lovely if you were to come back and post the solution you receive, so others who have a similar issue can learn from your situation.

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