Total mess between my devices

  • 22 May 2017
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Hi everyone,
I listen to my music on my Sonos through Spotify, using a smartphone or a Imac.

Most of the time everything is fine, but sometimes everything goes wrong. For instance, I don't have any more connection between my sonos and my Imac. Other times, the music is still there but it is coming from my smartphone instead of my Imac although I have not asked for that.

I assume what I am explaining is not crystal clear (sorry English is not my mother language...). But anyway, if someone had same kind of issues and knows how to fix it, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks very much


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6 replies

Hello Defr, welcome to the Community. Let's get everything working properly.

Can we start with a diagnostic? Use the steps here: and reply back with the confirmation number.
Hi Nico, thanks for your help. My confirmation number is 7426599
There's a minor update to apply to your Sonos system for the Spotify interruptions.

In the Sonos App on Your Phone or Tablet, choose:

Settings > Online Updates

That's going to help with Spotify, but there are more things going on. The Sonos components keep disconnecting from the wifi network. After the update completes, you can reboot the wifi router and the system should be more stable. If you're still getting audio interruptions, temporarily hardwire one of your Sonos components directly to an Ethernet port on your router and check again if you're able to play your music without any problems.
Thank you Nico. Yes, I know my wifi is not very stable and that affects Sonos.
But do you know why I have sometimes many difficulties to reconnect my Sonos speaker to my Imac even when the wifi is back on ? Do you think it would help if I use the Sonos app on my computer instead of Spotify ?
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Hi Defr, I've had a look at your diagnostic as well and there's something I think you might have to do to improve the situation. You're with Virgin Media who recently rolled out a free WiFi service that other Virgin users can use, from your router. The issue with this is that some of their routers simply do not have the processing power to support this properly and it causes instability. I'm not 100% sure it applies to you, but it's best to be safe. Please go to where you should see the option to opt out of Virgin Media WiFi.

Other than that, connecting one Sonos player permanently to the router with Ethernet cable will also help, as will just using the Sonos app instead of Spotify, as our app will actively try to re-establish broken links.
OK, thanks for your help Tom