Thinking on change brand

  • 17 April 2022
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I bought a Sonos play 5 several years ago.  A year later I bought a Sonos Play 3. Then a Sonos Play 1. The bridge I initially bought was damaged, which is why I bought a Sonos 1 about 2 years ago that I use in another room and it served as a bridge.  Even though this is version s2, everything worked perfectly even though the Sonos play 5 is not compatible, using the Sonos s1 app.  the problems started 2 weeks ago when i decided to buy the sonos roam.  I had to remove the Sonos 5 from the s1 app to get it to work.  Now the Sonos play 5 is unusable.  I can't reinstall it on the Sonos s1 app.  but besides that now this app doesn't work and it sends me to app s2, so play 1, play 3 and Sonos 1 don't work either, and they are not detected in app s2.  So now I only have the Sonos roam and 4 speakers that don't work.  In addition to the above, for several years Sonos has allowed the use of a voice assistant but in Colombia it is not possible, although it is not a problem with Alexa (have an echo that works perfectly), but it was something i decided to ignore , until now.  I believe the company policies of Sonos, they have not been loyal to their oldest customers, which is a shame and has made me think about changing brands, in the end, over time I will lose the company's support for all my speakers. Probably at the end, working i could be able to fix the issues with the play 1 and the Sonos 1, i dont know if the play 3 and probably not with the play 5.

1 reply

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Hi @Óscar Morales,


I’m sorry to read that you’re having issues setting up your system. I recommend that you get in touch with our customer care team for some live troubleshooting and so our team can get a better idea of what’s happening to your system. 

In regard to voice assistant availability, the decision of where the services are available is ultimately up to the voice service provider (Amazon or Google). Each country takes dedicated development and testing to make sure the experience is right. While we don’t have any news to share about support for Colombia at this time, we can pass along your interest to the team.