Thinking of getting a sonos what free apps can I use in my country?

  • 11 December 2016
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I have been looking at the reviews on sonos and I fell in love with the looks of the system. I went into a local store to have a listen and was hoping that maybe I wouldn't like the system after all it is more costly than I was hoping to pay, but nope I love it. I have a medium sized room and I think so will start with a play 3. I would like to know what apps in Canada can I use to listen to music for free?I heard pandora is free but it's not available in Canada, at least not when I went to the App Store. I have an iPhone 5s that I will be using with the sonos app. Thanks in advance for any info or knowledge given.

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4 replies

To be honest, to really get the most out of the system you be well advised to find $10 a month or whatever it is to get one of the subscription services. There aren't many free services (I'm assuming you mean services not apps). Where there is a free option that can be used on Sonos, the service is poor in sound quality and ruined by advertising. Please don't buy this great equipment then trash your experience to save a few dollars.
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Soundcloud, Mixcloud, all the radio stations on Tunein, anything you have on your PC/laptop/NAs etc etc
I am sure I will go with at least one subscription service. However I still want to be informed of the other services available as well as I have not tried out any of these out and have no idea what one I should use. I am not a techy type person, have never used any of these types of services and so I'm new to all this. I just know that I love music so much so that it has the ability to make me feel and get goose bumps
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Soundcloud and mixcloud is good advice, Kitty. Found a lot of amazing unsigned artists who have never been given a real opportunity (I was listening to Kygo long before he got in the charts).

I have music streaming services now, however, when it comes to the new and exciting, I'm still using Soundcloud.