The Sonos app is very unstable and keeps disconnecting since the latest IOS 10.2 update

  • 19 December 2016
  • 32 replies

Hi all,

Is it only happening to me or is the problem mentioned in the title thread also affecting other people?

Looking forward to you answers.


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32 replies


You may have some wifi interference issues, or duplicate IP addresses. For wifi interference: Try changing the channel your wifi is on. If your router has an "auto channel" setting, make sure it is turned off, and instead select your own specific channel. If one of your Sonos devices is connected to the router with a ethernet cable, then go in to the Sonos app and change the channel that SonosNet is using. Also, check around the area near your router and speakers for any other devices that might be causing potential interference. Commonly referenced items are things like web cams, baby monitors, wifi printers, and DECT phones.

For potential duplicate IP address issues: Turn off/unplug all devices connected to your router, and your router as well. Then plug back in/boot up your router, giving it enough time to complete its boot up process, then move to each device and power it back up, allowing enough time for it to boot up fully before moving on to the next device. Many people suggest reserving IP addresses for the Sonos devices, since the update process does a reboot of each speaker and often exposes any issues you might have in your local Wifi network. Unfortunately, each router does this in a different fashion, so you would need to look at the manual for your router. You can find the current IP address assigned to each speaker in Settings > About my Sonos System, but unfortunately neither that place, or your router's webpage will tell you if you do have a duplicate IP address, as they only show what is assigned at the moment the task is run, and doesn't show historical data.

But, that being said, there's lots of other potential things that could be causing this. You'd get a lot further in your request for help if you were to submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, especially within 10 minutes of having the issue. That would give the Sonos folks a chance to look at the log files from you speakers, and perhaps spot an issue that might be causing the problem.
Thank you. I will try the steps above and if I still have an issue I will post the diagnostic code.
The blessing and difficulty of Sonos is that it expects and needs a strong wifi backbone. It's easy to look at symptoms that appear and blame them on many things that may or may not actually be part of the problem. Part of the update process that Sonos uses to update their software/firmware requires a reboot of the speaker for the new version to "take". This often leads to exposing an issue that always was there, but dormant, and not exercised until the system "caught" it with a reboot. It is unlikely that your issues stem from the iOS update, but it is indeed likely that they didn't expose themselves until that time.

And, having said that, there's always a possibility that it is because of that iOS update....but it's a slim bet. :)

Good luck!
Connection problem solved after the iPhone iOS 10.2 update. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone Settings > Cellular (Mobile Data) > Wi-Fi Assist - found at the bottom of the list. Thanks to Sonos support for this.
I turned off the Wi-Fi Assist and so far it's working, the first time I've gotten more than a 1/2 song. Thanks Jerome1
I just turned of WiFi assist as well as it started working

Previously I would have to reboot router to get iPhone to recognize my Sonos devices
Update it does connect but the I can’t connect to sonos message displayed. after about 30 to 60 seconds it connects most of the time

This is way tooo long any other solutions ??