The Sonos app can not connect to Wifi

  • 16 December 2018
  • 11 replies

The Sonos app suddenly refuses to connect to the wifi network. The problem is the same for both Ipad and Iphone. It can be OK for several days, and then all of a sudden it does not work. Very frustrating. All other apps are working OK at the same time. Why does Sonos have such big problems with the Wifi network?

11 replies

5 minutes after I wrote the question, the app began to work both on the Iphone and Ipad. And I had done nothing att all in the meantime. How can this be explained?
Do you have a dual band router? With some routers connection to Sonos can depend on whether the phone connects to 2.4GHz or 5GHz. There are other possible reasons but can we check that first? Do you run your system in purely wifi mode or with a wired Sonos component?
I have a Thomson 789vn router, 2,4 Ghz, several years old. I run the system in standard mode. But I saw that I have an old bridge installed via ethernet. Can that interfere in any way. Anyhow, I disconnected the ethernet to the bridge now.
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Do you have another Sonos unit wired to router (disconnecting the bridge would mess up your system if you didn't have another Sonos unit hard wired - acting as a bridge).
I have a standard installation ( 1 amp, 2 S1 and 1 S3) without any ethernet connection at the moment. This should be OK according to Sonos. And at the moment everything works fine. The question is for how long or could my bridge have interfered?.
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So I question if the bridge was previously even working at all.

I personally would add back the bridge and use Sonosnet for reliability sake (Hard reset it and add back in the Sonos app). But you can always wait if you have any issues with the current setup that is working now move in that direction.
My Playbar is flat out refusing to connect to WiFi since an update last week.
See this thread for everything I've tried. Any help would be appreciated
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Call Sonos
Was advised to set the wifi channel to 12 but the Playbar still would not connect to the WiFi.
Tried channel 10 which connected, then moved up to channel 12. This didn't work so settled on channel 11.
My router was originally set to a much lower channel but I noticed interference with neighbours so set it to furthest channel from any of them (13) which doesn't appear to be compatible with the Sonos Playbar (or 12).

So far working fine on channel 11
12 and 13 are non-standard, European only channels. Looks like the US based Sonos devices weren't aware of them. But since WiFi channels are actually a span of multiple channels, choosing 11 gives you the best range anyway. 12 and 13 bump against the upper limit.
I found out that I used the system in pure Wifi mode, but still had a bridge connected via Wifi. (I have used Sonos for several years and probably changed the setup due to problems earlier. One problem earlier was that the ethernet cable was defect, and that made the system instable). Since I disconnected the bridge, I have not have had anymore problems.


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